War News from 2 Fronts — Tuesday…

IDF Kills Hezbollah’s Maroun al-Ras Regional Commander


“On Tuesday, IDF troops killed five Hezbollah gunmen, including the movement’s regional commander, discovered war rooms with eavesdropping and surveillance equipment made by Iran, being used by Hezbollah against Israel. They also found large cache of weapons and communications devices.”

IDF Surrounds PA Offices Where Terrorists Hiding

“IDF forces have surrounded the Mukata compound of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah in an effort arrest terrorists holed up in the PA headquarters.”

20 Injured in Nahariya Rocket Attack

“Katyusha rockets rained on the northwestern coastal city of Nahariya in the last hour and injured about 20 people. Hizbullah terrorists attacked northern Israel with approximately 100 rockets on Tuesday.”

IAF Destroys 10 Buildings in Beirut

Half of Northern Israel Has Fled

1 Killed, 48 Hurt as Rockets Hit North

Man Dies of Heart Attack During Rocket Barrage

Rockets Land in Ma’alot, Karmiel; One Wounded

IDF Surrounds Building in Ramallah Operation

Palestinians Hurl Explosive Towards IDF in Hebron

Report: One Wounded in Drive-by Shooting in Hebron

Rockets Land in Acre, w. Galilee; None Wounded

Rockets Land in Nahariya Area; No Wounded Reported

IAF Hits House in Southern Gaza, 2 Wounded

Rockets Land Outside Haifa; None Reported Wounded

IAF Hits 15 Katyusha Launch Sites Tuesday Morning