Terrible Toll in Northern Battle and Other Wednesday War News …

15 Terrorists Killed in Gaza, 40 Wounded


“Lt.-Col. Guy Biton told Ynet, ‘The fighting is very complex. Terrorists are firing anti-tank rockets at us. They come to within 100 meters in order to hit our vehicles and weapons.'”

Three Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza and hit the community of Netiv HaAsarah early this afternoon. Earlier today, a Kassam was fired towards Ashkelon, and another one towards the western Negev; no damage or casualties were reported. Two Kassams were fired on Tuesday, lightly wounding one person, and several others were launched on Monday.

8 Golani Soldiers Killed in Fierce Battle in Bint Jbail


A well-planned Hezbollah ambush on the outskirts of the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbail on Wednesday devastated Battalion 51 of the Golani Brigade, and left eight soldiers dead, including three officers as well as another 22 wounded.

As the troops moved cautiously through the narrow alleyways, a Hezbollah force opened a wave of gunfire and missiles at the Israeli force, wounding and killing several soldiers in the first moments of the battle.

The battle lasted for several hours during which Asor and his men sustained heavy casualties while succeeding in killing at least 40 Hezbollah guerillas, some in gun battles at point-blank range.

Hizbullah Ambush: Dozens of Terrorists Dead, Israeli Casualties


“The battle for the Hizbullah stronghold of Bint Jbeil sparked again this morning into a major conflagration. Israel suffered 25-30 casualties, and dozens of Hizbullah bodies are strewn in the area.”

IAF Bombards Hezbollah HQ in Tyre


“The targeted building served as the offices of senior Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nabil Qaouk.”

Rockets Hit Northern Israel; MDA Reports 55 Wounded


“Rocket impacts were reported in the Tiberias area, Safed, Rosh Pina, and Kiryat Shmona. 55 Israelis were wounded from rocket attacks in some 35 locations in the country’s North on Wednesday.”

2 IDF Soldiers Killed, 18 Wounded at Hezbollah Stronghold


“The Battalion 52 commander was killed when an anti-tank missile hit the Merkava tank he was in. The officer, First Lieutenant Lotan Slavin of Moshav Hatzava, age 21, was killed instantly. Staff Sergeant Kobi Smilag of Rehovot, age 20, was killed when his tank ran over a landmine.”

Rockets Land in Safed; None Wounded

Military Intelligence Chief: Syrian Army Now at its Highest State of Alert


IDF Intelligence Chief Major General Amos Yadlin told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday. Syrian forces do remain, however, on defensive rather than offensive alert. Yadlin emphasized “neither Syria nor Israel are interested in a military clash but the situation is explosive and events may potentially be incorrectly interpreted. This could entangle Syria up in a battle against us.”

IDF Has Destroyed 100-150 Rocket Launchers

5 Rockets Fired at Tiberias; None Wounded

Gaza: Seven Killed in IDF Strike


“The IDF said the troops fired at a group of gunmen who were spotted firing an RPG.”

Arab Stone Throwers Nabbed Near Efrat