Haifa Resident Expresses Remorse to Gush Katif Refugees …

Haifa Victim to Gush Katif Residents: ‘I Am Sorry’

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A Haifa resident under siege by Hizbullah attacks and who ignored opponents to the government’s expulsion of Gush Katif resident has written the expulsion victims and asked for forgiveness.

In an open letter posted on a Gush Katif forum web site, Y. S. wrote, “I closed my business since the beginning of the battle and I don’t know what will happen. I never thought that I, a Haifa resident for 30 years, would be a refugee in my own land.

“During five years you coped with bombs, and I didn’t care. Even when you came to visit me in my house, to explain, to convince, to share your feelings with me, I refused to listen to you.

“People from Gush Katif and the Shomron! Forgive me! Forgive us for not understanding you. I am not a religious man, and not a mystic person.” The Haifa resident concluded that his problems are “the price that I am paying now for my late understanding.”


As the anniversary date of the expulsion draws closer, and as the katyusha rocket blitz in the north continues, undoubtedly many more will see the mida keneged mida, the divine connection between last year’s expulsion of Jews and this year’s displacement of many more than 9,000 Jews as a result of Hezbollah’s daily katyusha blitz of the north.

The wish of this author, that the war on both fronts end with the decimation of the murderous, terrorist enemy. MB