Lights, Camera’s, Action: “Hooray for Pallywood …” Open Season on Ashkelon as Amir, the Gullible Halts Artillery Response to Kassams …

Gaza Beach Carnage Footage Staged?


A terrible tragedy happened on the Gaza beach. A shell exploded and killed 7 men, women and children and injured others. Israel is investigating. But Mark Regev, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman who said that Israel believes such shelling of civilians to be unacceptable also told the BBC that naval or air shelling have been ruled out. Other possibities are explored. In the meantime Hamas vows to end the unilateral cease-fire with Israel.

But, please, watch this BBC report and tell me what were the cameramen doing on the beach at the moment the shell hit? CNN has the exact same footage.

Are we once again dealing with a Jenin/al Dura style staged recreation?

Click here to view dubious CNN, Al Jazeera versions.

Peretz Orders Halt to Artillery Response


Defense Minister Amir Peretz has ordered the IDF to halt all artillery fire against rocket launching sites until he receives reports on a probe into the cause of the deaths of Arabs Friday afternoon. The investigation is to be completed by Tuesday.

Artillery Fire From Ship Kills 6, Wounds 8 in Gaza

Israeli gunboats fired artillery shells at targets in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday, killing six people and wounding at least eight others, Palestinian medical officials said.