War News Over Purim …

Firebombs Hurled at Hadassah Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem

Gunfire Directed into Psagot

Israeli Motorist Targeted in Firebomb Attack Near Hizme

Soldiers Uninjured in Bomb/Shooting Attack in Shechem

14 Arrested in Counter-Terror Operations

8 Kassam Rockets Fired at Israel During the Night

Kassam Lands in Western Negev, None Wounded

Jenin: Border Police Arrest Senior Jihad Activist

IDF Arrests 10 Infiltrators on Israel-Egypt Border

Roads Closed on Lebanon Border Following Terror Alert

Palestinian Authority Releases Al Qaeda Suspect

Police Arrest Terrorists in Bethlehem

6 Terrorists Arrested in Counter-Terror Operations

5 Infiltrators Apprehended Along the Egyptian Border