Ein Breira: After Gush Katif, Amona, Too Tired, the Fire Has Left …, or How One Can’t Bring Himself to Support Kadima, Even in a Purim Shpiel …*

This author has been fighting with himself for weeks as to how to break this news to the readership.

On the heels of the catastrophic expulsions of the past six months, when one looks around at what’s out there to vote for in the coming election; a bunch of gutless, meaningless right wing parties (including the governing party who’s central committee didn’t go stark, raving mad when Sharon disregarded the Likud referendum), each of them who sat glued to their seats at crucial points when any of them could have voted against the expulsion and brought about the end of the government.

When one looks at the Chareidi parties and how they either joined up with Sharon or benignly neglected the entire Gezeira and how their Rabbonim held reigns over their people keeping them away on Yom Pakuda.

When one looks at the small right wing parties; Marzel’s Hazit and Kleiner’s Herut, the reality is that they never break the threshold, thus wasting the votes cast for them.

And Avodah, Amir Peretz and all of his Histadrut corrupt Comrade thugs; are you for real?

The bottom line reality is; Ein Breira, there’s no choice, this author has to endorse …

No, I just can’t do it. This author may be operating on empty, operating on fumes, still a bit enebriated (spelling??) from Purim night and about on the edge of distinction between Baruch Mordechai and Haman HaRasha, but … Kadima; Olmert, Mofaz, Ezra, Livni, Peres, along with Howdy Doody, Mr. Ed, O.J. Simpson, Alf — No Way Jose!

So, ths author will go back into the undecided list, see which way the wind blows and vote according on election day, but NOT for Kadima! MB

* It’s been 14 years since Rush Limbaugh blew the minds of his listeners on one fateful afternoon when he opened his radio talk show with the announcement that he “had no choice but to support Bill Clinton.” For sure, those old enough will well remember the ensuing balagan which took place over the airwaves. This really happened, although it can’t be found on Google or Wikipedia searches.

And so, this author has tried in some feeble way to emulate Limbaugh in blogosphere. I hope that it’s been good for some laughs on Purim! MB