Decision Time for American Jews …

Our World: The Trial of American Jewry


In the vast, overwhelming majority of cases, Caroline Glick’s writings and editorials represent editorial and commentary journalism at it’s professional finest, an extreme rarity in Israel.

However, this editorial is a huge disappointment. The feel of the article is as if American Jews are beating themselves up with guilt. After all, in the US, “they are free to be Jewish” and for that, they must express gratitude. Perish the thought that American Jews should begin to read the clear writing on the wall, look into their Jewish history and heritage and come to the conclusion that “… they are guests in their own (?) country.”

Why is it that when speaking about former Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin and the two former AIPAC employees, lobbyists Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, there is no mention, no mention anywhere in this entire article about Jonathan Pollard whose case the Franklin, Rosen, Weissman case seems to mirror. It feels as if Glick has avoided Pollard like the plague, as if Franklin, Rosen and Weissman are lilly-white, while Pollard, by absence appears tainted.

And why hasn’t Malcolm Hoenlein ever spoken out as vociferously on behalf of Jonathan Pollard as he has now spoken out for the threesome? And why, as this author has asked a number of times in the past, did Hoenlein keep a nasty little secret for years, namely that William Tenet did not give Clinton an ultimatum at Wye in 1998, his continued service as CIA Director vs Pollard? Why doesn’t Glick take Hoenlein to task for keeping silent about Pollard in contrast to this case?

Why does Glick seem to ignore the Pollard, Hoenlein, Tenet issues in this editorial? Perhaps in her seemingly unquestioning, enthusiastic support for Bibi and his economic policies, despite all of his flip-flops and hypocracies, she realizes that his failure to obtain Pollard’s release from Der Schlickster Clinton in ’98 is an indelible red-mark on Bibi’s record and therefore she never goes there. Unfortunately, by her silence in this case, in this context, she has seemingly rendered Pollard expendable.

Let us hope that this is not a cheshbon and that Caroline Glick maintains her individuality and her journalistic professional excellence and does not become as Bibi’s Uri Dan. MB


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  1. I’ve been in the states twice in the past half year, and they’re totally disengaged from what’s happening here. It’s horrendous.

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