Uzi Landau on Attempt to Oust Feiglin: Zig-Zags of a Weak-kneed Politician!

Earlier news reports today, such as the one included in this post [1] , declared that Uzi Landau stood against attempts by Netanyahu, Shalom to oust Moshe Feiglin from Likud. What inside pressure accounts for the turn-around traced below and why? MB

[4]Landau Says He Agrees With Bibi’s Ploy to Oust Feiglin

[3]Is Landau Zigzagging?

[2]Netanyahu: Landau Supports Ousting Feiglin

Also, in wondering about the cause of Uzi Landau’s Zig-Zags, one might consider this great article from Attila Somfalvi, from Ynet of all places;

Bibi’s McCarthyism?


“… One of Sharon’s senior advisors…; ‘What Netanyahu is doing now is unprecedented chutzpah. He’s looking for a media spin, trying to purge the Likud of a person who just a few months ago was a partner; someone with whom Netanyahu forged alliances and made deals.'”

“But in reality, it will not be a real victory for Netanyahu. Even if he manages to disqualify Feiglin from the party’s Knesset list, it would be at most a pyrrhic victory. Feiglin, to those who forgot, is also 12 percent of the Likud membership, according to the results of last week’s primaries.

“Politically, even if he won’t be a Knesset member, someone else will be found to represent this group. And then what? Will they chase them down one after the other? Such a move would be no less than political McCarthyism.”


3 thoughts on “Uzi Landau on Attempt to Oust Feiglin: Zig-Zags of a Weak-kneed Politician!

  1. Whether “Bobo”, I mean Bibi, succeeds in his attempt to ban Feiglin from Likud, that is not the party to place your votes. Isn’t it clear to you that by voting Likud you enhance the prospects of more and more corruption in the governance of Israel? Isn’t it clear to you that “Bobo” will proudly carry on the legacy of the dictator Sharon as he supposedly tries to move Likud to the part of the political spectrum labeled “centrist”? Is that what we want? We don’t need “centrist”!! We need bonafide right-winf Nationalists to gain power becasue only they are concerned with reinserting Judaism into daily life in Israel. The Hazit Party is it, my friends…the only option we have. Read the Hazit Party platform ( and read it today.
    There is no compromising with Baruch Marzel.

    I am begging you, all of Am Yisrael, to grow a spine, do away with political correctness that always seems to cost Jewish lives and vote Hazit.

    Besides, if “Bobo” is so anxious to ban those with “criminal” backgrounds from Likud, he should look no further than himself!
    He is the one who has the blood of baby Shalhevet on his hands! He is the traitor who gave Hevron to the arabs and allowed a sniper to erase the life of the little 10 month old girl. Everytime I even hear “Bobo’s” name I get nauseous becasue I pair him with Shalhevet’s death. He committed a terrible sin in giving back Hebron and almost certainly will finish the job if you don’t head my plea. DO NOT VOTE LIKUD!! VOTE HAZIT!!!

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