About Moshe Burt


Rechov Nachal Dolev #34/12
Ramat Bet Shemesh 99621


A position in Accounting & Finance, Office Management and/or English Language Correspondence, Editing, Proofreading.


Compiled & completed financial statements through form #1215 for a small Amutah in Israel for the
years 1997 and 1998.

Internet Promotion of Client Websites — Site linking research and related internet correspondence, Search Engine registrations and administrative functions for a Tel Aviv Web design, marketing and management
firm from Dec., 2000 thru Mar., 2001.

From 2003-2010; handling link correspondence, link placement, requests for reciprocal links and monitoring forum boards for a family of websites.

Managed financial & accounting functions for Dumont Export Corp. Including : general ledger, account analysis & financial reporting, accounts payable, monitored accounts receivable, Payroll and Payroll taxes (100+ employees) and maintained cash management for two companies. Administered profit-sharing plan (Portfolio $1.5
million) Produced: P&L projections, budget analyses, business plans.  Reconstructed general ledger for a company in bankruptcy.  Performed new loan processing, including:  wire transfers, recorded sales of loans, audited custodial clearing accounts.



Web Development Assistant (from home) Excellence Internet Sevices Har Nof 2003-2010
Textual Content/Internet Correspondence Self (From home) Ramat Beit Shemesh 2001-2004
Asst.Web Marketing Mgr. Netposition Tel Aviv 2000-2001
Controller Dumont Export Corp. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1987-1999
Controller Futura Industries, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1986-1987
Accountant / Financial Reporting Manager Mortgage Services of America Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 1984-1986



Peirce College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Degree – Accounting & Finance – 1972

Founded The Sefer Torah Recycling Network – transferred 13 Sifrei Torah to needy locations in Israel to date.

Initiated and organized the Philadelphia Jewish Community in 1992 to link up with a Boro Park group’s project which shipped clothing, food and S’forim to Jews in the Ukraine.

English Textual Content – Key to Success in Anglo Business/Financial Markets

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