Where are the  "Real Men"????


                                           By, Moshe Burt


To write a review of Moshe Feiglin's book "Where There Are No Men" is, to me, a crucially important mission -- an act of love for Kol Klal Yisroel, for Eretz Yisroel and yes, for Medinat Yisroel -- the sovereignty of our Nationhood on ALL of its levels.  When considering Feiglin's choice of the title, my memory took a ride back through time to the United States to a couple of books written in the '80s called "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" and "Real Men Sleep Alone."


 It's about the few, the brave, The Men(and yes, the Women too) -- Religious and Secular, the Chareidi, Dati, and Chiloni who, despite their differences, came together and put it "on the line" for G'd and for the Land against the wide array of weapons available to the Regime of the time.  They articulated what many thousands more felt in their hearts and in the pits of their stomachs.  These Zo Artzeinu Activists galvanized tens of thousands, lo hundreds of thousands of Jews to demonstrate, in a non-violent way, their assertiveness, self-pride, self-worth and dignity against the defeatists -- those devoid of principles who held (and still hold) positions of leadership and political power and who have lost touch with what a Jewish State means (the fulfillment of what Jews have prayed 3 times a day for nearly 2,000 years).  The union of groups such as Zo Artzeinu, Women-In-Green and others stood/stand rock-solid against powerful political forces -- the morally bankrupt Socialist/Post-Zionists who rush headlong towards both Middle East Regionalization, present leadership which is afraid to lead and those who seek detachment of the people Israel from their Jewish roots, history and historical proofs.  


Don't expect even-handedness from me in analysis of Feiglin's work or its time-frame in our history -- there's been too much water over the dam.  When the sovereignty, well-being and very survival of Klal Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel is at stake, and I see these as being synonymous, even-handedness is akin to indifference and, worse, condemnation.


One might ask; Zo Artzeinu, Moshe Feiglin, Shmuel Sackett -- "What is that? Who are they?"  These are responses that I get from "Comfortable Jews"  -- those who live thousands of miles away in the United States and those who live 70 kilometers away in Tel Aviv.  But to Nationalist Ideologues, those Religious or Secular "Ultra-Right Wing Subversives", these names are household words -- part of our lexicon along with other names like Women-In-Green, Nadia Matar, Rabbi Moshe Levinger, Adir Zik, Elyakim Ha'Etzni, Mort Klein, etc.


When one reads the dedication page, one sees Moshe's inscription to his wife -- "What I have achieved and what you have achieved -- all thanks to her" (quoted from Tractate Nedarim 50).  I find it fascinating that in modern history the adage still applies -- behind most good men, you will find an Aishet Chayil.   Moshe expresses early in the book that it was his wife Tzippy who encouranged him to become active in the communal affairs of the Karnei Shomron Community of Neve Aliza in the late 1980's.  It was Tzippy's  desire to do chessed that started Moshe on the path that led him to assert his Jewish pride by driving his car through Arab villages and towns with an Israeli flag mounted prominently on his car during the intifada of the time.  His lead encouraged others in Neve Aliza to emulate.  I would be remiss if I did not note here that Moshe's logic in displaying the Israeli flag on his and other cars worked to perfection and that no one was ever harmed in anyway by Arabs for flying the flag from their cars.




This path ultimately led to an operation known as "Settlement doubling" or the development of successive settlement outposts and to the famous day when Zo Artzeinu blocked every vital intersection in Israel leading to a police-riot.  Two years later, Moshe was tried for Sedition together with Zo Artzeinu co-director Shmuel Sackett.  This path led to the hilarious story of the day that sheep were let loose on the streets of Jerusalem and to the day when tens of thousands of people from all over Israel came together in Jerusalem to show the way for Prime Minister Rabin to "go to the President" and resign.


And this path led Moshe to the Kidron Valley one year ago to rummage through the dirt for artifacts arising from the Arab desecration of OUR Holiest place, the Temple Mount.  The Arabs dug out the area referred to as "Solomon's stables" as the previous Government of Ehud Barak turned the blind-eye and deaf-ear of complicity to the proceedings.


"Where There Are No Men" explains, through numerous witnesses and from the vantage point of testimony from the Feiglin/Sackett Sedition Trial, about how each action was meticulously thought out.  Central to the planned strategy was the use of  principle, doctrine and precedent learned from observation of American Civil Non-Violent Demonstrations (such as tactics employed by Martin Luther King Jr. & the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and by the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry).   Zo Artzeinu's Leadership anticipated the reactions of the Israeli in the Street, the Arabs (as with the autos adorned with Israeli flags), the government of the period and the police.


The plans for Zo Artzeinu Operations took shape against a background of the personalities and events which shaped the time in history.   There were personalities who tried to undermine and/or slow the operations down and, there were the police and Government, who tried to subvert and shut them down totally.  Feiglin goes

into great detail in laying out the total historical picture.


I am writing this review to publicize the book, not for any reward, but because what happened at that time and what Moshe writes must be studied, relearned and remembered.  I only made Aliya in March, 1999, so I was not around to see, day-by-day, the happenings of the period although I've read extensively about it.  "Where There Are No Men" is THE definitive book on the period.  


"Where There Are No Men" is a MUST READ for all Jews -- for those here in Israel who need a refresher course on recent history in order to confront the machinations of our current and recent governments and for the Jews in Chutz L'Aretz to fully understand the issues and to understand why it is essential that they join in and take an active role in the crucial battle about to be joined for the survival and well-being of Klal Yisroel. 


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