Halachic Information Portal for Kohanim

Mission: A clearer, fuller and more complete understanding of Halacha as to Kohan-Permisibility and Compatibility issues ranging from heterim determining whether or not a Kohen is permitted to Daven at Maha’arat HaMachpela to who is Kohen-eligible for marraige.

However, I need help to get to 1st base in ascertaining potential precedents, heterim that may not be of public knowledge and where this type of info may not have filtered down to the local posak level.

Hopefully, the existence of this portal will spur increased knowledge of pertinent heterim, translated to English for visibility among Kohanim. It is hoped that these additional Halachic insights and heterim will, in turn generate specific questions, to Rabbanim either via Eitza or via Sh’aila. IY’H that Halachic answers with clarity emerge which laymen can understand, i.e. applications within Halacha regarding modern-day situations.

Perhaps in issues of Kohen-eligibility , we might yet, within Halachic framework, widen the Shidduch playing field some, or at least gain clarity in p’sak.


Emor: Purity and Unity of the Kohen – by Moshe Burt

Request of an Apparent Kohen and Divorcee to Certify Their Marriage
(based on Piskei Din Rabbaniim- vol. V, pp. 219-224)


The Tribe: The Cohen-Levi Family Heritage


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