Shidduch Resume


Moshe Ben Meir HaKohen



Ramat Beit Shemesh 99582, Israel

Age and Date of Birth

56 years, 05/02/48 — 23 Nisan 5708.

Jewish Religious Affiliation

Orthodox – Ba’al Teshuvah for 14 years, frum for 13 yrs. I consider myself
to be Centrist (NOT Modern Orthodox), with both Yeshivish and Chassidic
influences, but I am neither.

Marital Status

Divorced with Get!!


– a daughter, 30 years old (in Dec. 2003) and a son, 26 years old (in Feb.,
2004) – both secular and live in South Carolina, near their mother and her
They both attended University of South Carolina — My son graduated (BA
-Journalism) and my daughter (BA- Early Childhood Ed).

Jewish Education

Went to afternoon Hebrew school prior to Bar Mitzvah. I speak little Hebrew (although improving over time) but am able to read and daven. I have been learning, on average, two to three nights per week since becoming Ba’al Teshuvah. Two of my staples were learning with Chaverusa at Philadelphia Yeshiva Wednesday nights and gemara shuir on Thursday night. Was learning on Shabbos afternoon with a Chaverusa from a Sefer on Kohen’s Avodah which I was given while in Eretz Yisroel in the winter of

I am currently a member of Kehilla Beis Tefillah where I am learning Hilchos Shabbos as part of the Pirchei Shoshanna Shulchan Aruch Project. I also participate in the Shul’s annual collective Siyum HaShas. This year, my portion was the first Perek of Gemura Tractate Megillah (Megillat Esther)..

General Education

College – Majored in Accounting.

Consider aliya?

in Eretz Yisroel on 3/9/99. Lived and did Ulpan on Yishuv Shavei Shomron 3/99 –
7/99.  Lived in Migdal HaMayim
neighborhood, Beit Shemesh 8/99 – 6/2000.  Living
in Ramat Beit Shemesh from 7/2000. 

with Career-Networking ideas or info for me are welcomed to respond. Of course,
I’m looking in my field — Accounting and Financial Management but also for
whatever is available that I can do with my limited current knowlege of spoken
Hebrew. A clerk in a religious book store, outreach office, regular book store,
office supply house or store, computer store, yeshiva administration, corporate English-language correspondence and proofreading, textual content for the internet or for publicity brochures, etc, 
etc. Anything is open game as long as it doesn’t require a sophistication
with computer programming, fast typing ability or electrical or mechanical
skill– all of which I don’t have. 

currently doing English language writing, editing, proofreading and

Research and Marketing.

Mother tongue


"Dream" spouse

I seek someone who is kind, sincere, caring, patient, down-to-earth unmaterialistic,
sensitive to others, PRO-ISRAEL(not benign, socialist-Zionist or sympathetic to
a "palestinian entity")– a Zo Artzeinu or the like type is ideal. She
should enjoy laughing, learning, Divrei Torah, Shabbat Hospitality, Zemiros,
etc. Also, she should enjoy exchanging stories about travels in Eretz Yisroel.
PLEASE, NO SMOKERS!!!! She MUST be Chesed Oriented.


The Internet, if that’s a hobby. Actually, I have a number of definite uses for
the net. I like movies — humourous, suspenseful, spy & intrigue such as the
James Bond (Sean Connery–is there any other Bond but???) series. Have always
been a fan of the 4 major sports, although not as much as in younger days. I
like comedy and impressions, do a few myself. My favorite Comedian is Rodney
Dangerfield — No Respect!!! Also, I love to sing — whether its American Rock
oldies, Nigunim or making up Musical Parodies such "Does Your Korban Pesach
lose its flavor tied to the Bedpost over night??"(Does Your Chewing Gum
lose its favor on the bedpost overnight??), "Video Queen"(Sweet Little
16), etc.


involved or affiliated with three shuls in Phila.; Learning since June, 1989..
Shomer Shabbos from July, 1990.

where I am known;Congregation Ahavas Torah — I Began learning in 1989 with the
Rabbonim who Daven there.

Israel of The Main Line (Formerly the Young Israel of Wynnefield) I lived above
the shul for 4 years.

Beth Hamidrosh — I’ve spent many a Shabbos there and have made many 
friends there and I lived in the neighborhood. I spend time learning (see
above) at Philadelphia Yeshiva.

Sefer Torah Recycling Network — see my web-page

Chaim Center for Jewish Studies — As you see above, I was learning for 7 1/2

General physical description

5’10" medium build with "love handles", receding
hairline(yarmulka covers up a multitude of "sins"), hazel eyes, medium
beard and mustasche and wear glasses. I’ve often been told that I don’t look my

Occupation/how long

Accountant (in the US) — almost 32 years, last 12 years with same employer, prior to my aliyah in March, 1999.


Ambitions, goals Career – To advance in my career and in an atmosphere conducive
to frumkiet.
To find a successful business or career niche for myself in Eretz Yisroel.
To remarry and, if its kaday– in the cards Hashem deals my bashert and I, to
have at least a couple of children who would be raised frum from "the

Misc. info

References available upon Request.

Moshe Burt

Nachal Dolev #34/12

Ramat Beit Shemesh 99000
Tel: 02-999-6496
Cell Phone # 067-305-497

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