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Remembrance in the Hills of Chevron

by, Moshe Burt

It was my great privilege to have been invited on 23 May, 2005 to take part in a Yarhtzeit Remembrance ceremony to commemorate the deaths of the victims of an Arab terrorist attack which took place at Yishuv Adura on Shabbos 27 April, 2002.

I was picked up by friends of Moshe and Ada Becker, parents of Arik Becker who was one of those killed in the attack. We proceeded through the beautiful, picturesque Chevron hills to arrive in Adura.

As I entered the Mod’on (small community center) for the Teches, I walked into a small rememberance room on the way to the area where we Davened Mincha. On the wall of the room were 5 pictures of the terror victims; Danielle Shefi age 5, Katya Greenberg age 45, Yaakov Katz age 50, Erik Becker age 23 and Avi Hazan age 37 who was one of 10 Jews murdered in a pigu’a on 2 March, 2002 as he was on the way to the Bar Mitzvah celebration of his nephew at the Mahane Israel Yeshiva in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood in the center of Jerusalem.

The Teches (gathering) was a deeply touching event and featured a Multi-media presentation about the victims, including numerous pictures of the victims and their families as well as touching written tributes. There were also live tributes given by the Head of Mo’etza Har Chevron Tzviki Bar-Chai, the Yishuv’s Rav — Rabbi Elishav Avichail, and Rabbi Shlomo Parintei who was the first person on the scene and who ran to notify Hatzalah. Also speaking was Shiri Shefi, the mother of 5 year old Danielle who was brutally murdered in her room that Shabbos as she was being helped with her shoes.

Rabbi Avichail spoke that during the 12 years that he has been Rav of the community, each Monday evening he gives Shiurim which he recalls were regularly attended by Yaakov Katz, Avi Hazan and Arik Becker as well as many others from the Yishuv.

As the presentations were being given, many in attendance (including myself) found ourselves dabbing away tears, particularly during the presentation about Danielle and when her Mom Shiri Shefi spoke about her many memories of her daughter.

For me, the tears were not only for little Danielle, Arik Becker and the others. My mind went back one year in time to the brutal murder of Tali Hatuel and her daughters as well as remembering the Cohen children of Kfar Darom who were maimed for life in an attack a few years ago, the young soldier, Yeshiva Bochur and Ramat Beit Shemesh resident Michael Sitbon z”l who was killed in ambush while on patrol near the Jordanian border, the teenagers killed at the Canyon (shopping mall) in Karnei Shomron, and all of the other 1,000 plus deaths at the hands of Arab murder in this War of over 4 1/2 years. The list goes on and on, seemingly without end.

Ada Becker, Arik’s Mom, has expressed to me that Yishuv Adura badly needs it’s own Sefer Torah and it would be as a memorial to Arik and to the other victims of the terrible, despicable Arab terrorist attack. I look forward to spending a Shabbos with the Beckers and everyone at Yishuv Adura soon.

As founder and director of The Sefer Torah Recycling Network, I am committed to do whatever I can to try to help Yishuv Adura to acquire their own Sefer Torah. Therefore, I urgently need your help. In short, the donor or donors of a used Sefer Torah, or those helping to locate, and to acquire a used Sefer Torah via donation, are as if they had reached into their own pockets or bank accounts and donated three, four or more thousands of US$. I urge you, please be part of this effort. If there is anyway that you can help; either by way of donating or helping to facilitate donation of a used Kosher Sefer Torah or a used Sefer in good, restorable condition, or by way of funds donations toward either the repair of a Sefer Torah or towards acquisition from a dealer of a Kosher Sefer Torah — repaired, computer checked, megiya’ed, please contact me at . With your help, the Kehillah at Yishuv Adura will, B’Ezrat Hashem have their own Sefer Torah for the Chaggim.


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