PM Wants Dichter in Likud

PM Wants Dichter to Join Him in Likud

Operative quotes:

“The prime minister wants to see him in his party and the infrastructure for them to run together is being laid,” a Sharon associate said. “They will be together but we don’t know yet in what capacity and when.”

“Dichter was a vocal supporter of Sharon’s disengagement plan. His praise for the plan balanced out the vocal criticism from former IDF Chief of General Staff Moshe Ya’alon.”


Why the Media Blackout of Chol HaMo’ed Events in Chevron?

Sadly, there will be no links here to any news reports. Last Wednesday, all events were apparently washed out by the torrential rains on the first day of Chol HaMo’ed. But Thursday, the Chol HaMo’ed events in Chevron, including the Concert went uncovered, blacked out by the Media here (at least the English language media), even by Israel National News.

On Thursday, the sun was out and it was a great day for celebrations and a concert.

There was delicious and plentiful food and plenty of Succah room to eat it. There was tefillah inside the Ma’arat HaMachpela as well as the Concert with Bands and Artists who rocked. On of the featured acts, a drummer who is a singer as well and whose name escapes me, was up there “in a zone” as they say in Baseball when a hitter is on a hot streak. It was “a zone” reminescent of Purim two years at my Shul Kehillah Beis Tefillah when “Bad Benji” reached the heights with a mean pair of sticks. read more

More on Billionaire Bernie Marcus

I recently wrote as piece on Billionaire Bernie Marcus for this blog.

A quick google search reveals more on Bernie Marcus than did the Jerusalem Post article previously cited.

It now seems that in addition to his substantial gift to the city of Atlanta toward the Georgia Aquarium, google reaveals more about Mr. Marcus’ Israel Philanthropy.

The Jewish Virtual Library bio on him shows how the Israel Democracy Institute “… accumulates information on legislation passed in other countries and advises the Israeli government whether or not to implement it.” With the level of self-interest and self-aggrandizement inherent in any government economic decision in Israel, I hope that the kindness of Mr. Marcus in establishing such an Institute and trying to impact on bringing good, intelligent decision making to Israel was/is not in vain. read more


In Succahs, but Still Homeless

Double Meaning of Sukkot For Expulsion Victims

The government of Israel is still deliberately foot-dragging and denying the Jewish refugee families (that they forcibly expelled at legalized gunpoint from Gush Katif and the Shomron) compensation and resettlement solutions. The government’s aim: to deliberately fight a war of attrition against the refugees in effort to force them to split up, to divide and conquer, thus destroying productive Torah communities. And many refugees are starting to draw parallels between their plight and the ongoing 20 plus year plight of Jonathan Pollard. read more


Important Archaeological News

Volunteers Search for Temple Relics Below Mt. Scopus

Remember all of the dumpsters full of dirt moved from the Temple Mount stables and dumped in the Kidron Valley? Ongoing proof that the Arabs attempted to eradicate all Jewish Connection with the The Temple Mount (Har HaBayit)?

New Archaeological Site Unveiled Near Western Wall

And do you remember the Riots and Terror of 1997 which the Arabs claimed was due to the completion of excavations the opening of the Tunnel?