Startling New Developments re: Katzav’s [Possible] Mt. Zion Sign-Over to Vatican

On Sunday, 30 October, 2005 This Blog reported Israel To Sign Away Mt. Zion Property to the Vatican.”

Today I received this email which I am quoting in it’s entirety. The earlier reports have been valid and more. The above Headline reads “Katzav’s [Possible] Mt. Zion Sign-Over to Vatican.” I am referring to it as “possible”, but if we don’t do something about this, it will become a “done-deal.” Please read!! Very important for ALL Jews.

From: Ellen W. H.
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 12:10 PM
To: Save Mt. Zion
Importance: High


Some prominent figures (rabbis and activists) concerned about and directly involved in the situation met on Sunday evening with A very well-respected rabbinic figure who is close with President Katsav. This revered rabbi met personally with President Katsav. The President didn’t deny anything. He confirmed the deal as we have reported it. It appears that President Katsav needs a face-saving solution, and a way to remove this from his agenda.

It is essential that we keep the pressure up. Through letters, media reports, phone calls, vigils and protest activity.

More will be disclosed later, but we have more than good reason to believe that the following individuals should be asked about their direct involvement and support of Israel’s deal with the Vatican over Mt. Zion: Please contact them ASAP. Swamp them with inquiries.

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski TEL:(02) 629 7997 FAX (02) 629 6014
Minister of Tourism Avraham Hirshenzon TEL: (02) 6664331 FAX (02)
Israel Lands Authority – Ehud Olmert
President Katsav: TEL: (02)6707211 FAX (02)5631926

A DEEPER LOOK AS TO HOW MUCH IS INVOLVED: Much, much more than the Upper Room is involved in this deal. The entire area of King David’s Tomb is in the Vatican takeover plans. There are plans to turn the entire area of Mt. Zion into a sort of “mini Vatican”

There are letters that threaten those involved in the Diaspora Yeshiva if they don’t cooperate with this deal on Mt. Zion. (We have the letters)

DIASPORA YESHIVA DEVELOPMENTS AND PROJECTS FOR MT. ZION: There are very impressive JEWISH plans to develop and enhance the Yeshiva, Mt. Zion and its surroundings. Letter and maps will be posted on our site. Please encourage and support the Yeshiva at this time.

MEDIA, WHERE ARE YOU? Well, possibly the biggest scandal in Jewish history is going down, and the Israeli media is remarkably silent. Why are we not suprised? Please write to the local and international papers, call the local radio and television stations. We will try and post a comprehensive list later. But in the meantime, take a load off us who don’t sleep, and take the initiative to find the contact information on your own. You have media connections? Use them.

Go to to receive the following important news
via Audio reports:

October 31, 2005 – AUDIO – [12 Oct 2005] Listen to the patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah lamenting that Christian services are not being held on Mt. Zion. It is presumed that they have not done so since the room was taken from the Franciscan Friars by the Ottoman Turks in the 16th Century. He says that negotiations continue to bring about its return to the Catholic Church. Listen Here: One Minute Clip

October 31, 2005 – AUDIO – Listen to the Mt. Zion Situation being covered on Israel National Radio. We wish to thank Arutz Sheva and both Tamar Yonah and Malkah Fleisher for addressing this serious topic on their radio show Weekend Edition. This show was broadcast October 30, 2005. You can (right click and save as target to put it on your computer or iPod). This is a 5mb MP3. This audio clip is 21 minutes, a condensed version of the one hour show.

Eli Stutz is interviewing a representative of the yeshiva on Mount Zion today at 3 PM.

Gary Krupp, of Pave the Way foundation, has been writing rather frantic responses to a variety of activists and individuals who have asked him about this swap (which he appears to deny is taking place). Please consider your best move at this time. You may want to consider re-focusing your energies on stopping President Katsav, getting vital information into the media, and exposing Israeli government involvement in this scandal.

We need people at the vigil on Friday and 11am outside of the President’s residence. Our focus is to pressure Katsav to take any dealings over Mount Zion off his agenda. Wouldn’t mind if he decided to cancel his trip altogether.


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  1. Shame! Israel should not behave as did Esau (Edom, Rome) and sell the birthright of all those of Israel.

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