Media Bias, Propaganda, Mis-information Feeds on Government of Israel’s Hatred for Torah-Oriented Mal-feasance, Non-Feasance

I have not, until now, commented on this blog about international media bias, mis-information, dis-information against Israel. I have always held that Israel must always act in the best interests of the Jews and to heck with Dubya, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, the EU, Saudi Arabia, etc. as well as Clinton and Daddy Bush before them.

Barak on the IRIS Blog has scored a direct hit on this expose’; [link] 2 Blatant Anti-Israel New York Times Falsehoods. I hold that this is a fantastic expose and a Must Read.

Hasbara — the combating of international media bias, mis-information, etc. in Israel has been left to rank incompetents who can’t write or speak an intelligible, complete English sentence but who hold political patronage jobs based on which politician, political party or political agenda that they owe allegiance to.

Therefore, the media propagandists feed on every concession made to the Arabs, or other dumb insane moves, such as the bogus “separation fence” (illegal Arabs still make their way into Israel and illegal Arab employment inside Israel is still institutionalized) or “the disengagement” (read Expulsion and Eviction of Jews from Jewish Land and forfeit of a significant segment of Israel’s Agricultural Sector and Economy) from Gaza and the Shomron Towns and the government spins surrounding it. These leftist media propagandists spin their weave with little opposition from their readers who are propagandized by gross ignorance of nuance and thus believe everything that they read, or from the incompetence of Israeli agenda-driven “Hasbara.”

Therefore, the real Hasbara and the combat against media bias, lies and mis-information, where it exists, has been left to such organizations as ZOA, CAMERA, AFSI (Americans for a Secure Israel), etc. as well as to the web and to the web-bloggers. And one of the best sites constantly at work providing the truth regarding Israel’s security and debunking media bias, lies, mis-information and political agendas is [link] IRIS (Information Regarding Israel’s Security and it’s [link] IRIS blog.