Re: Jewish Principles and Courage

Here is another item found on my email log this morning. I urge you to sign this petition. It’s about time that Jews got their backs and started demanding, by every means available, a Jewish Government in Israel.

“After more than two months of media censorship and silence, the shameful story of the Israeli government prosecution and persecution of a 16-year-girl for her political and religious beliefs has broken through the media ban. The story of Tziviya Sariel of Elon Moreh finally hit the papers and her uncle was about to be interviewed on Israeli Channel 2, when an Israeli court issued a gag order against any publicity concerning her case.” read more


Re: “Spare Us the Lectures”

This morning, I found this on my email log from somone by the name of Yuval relating to the story posted yesterday, “Spare Us the Lectures.” I consider his points food for deep consideration.

“Now that the Jewish communities in Gush Katif (Gaza) do not draw Arab terrorists’ fire anymore, the terrorists can concentrate entirely on the heart of Israel and Judea & Samaria. Those who were against the expulsion from Gaza could see what’s coming. Did Sharon’s government see it too? Steven Plaut’s frightening predictions are now a step closer. Gaza is behind us. Now terror will continue until Israel expels Jews from Judea and Samaria. After those territories are unilaterally given to the Arab-Palestinians, terror will continue in the Galilee, then the Negev. After we give away those, Tel Aviv turn will arrive… read more


Disengagement [Expulsion] News and Commentary

Two Outposts Again Manned Despite Evacuation

IDF Commander: Terrorists Will Strike Ashkelon, Expulsion Rationale “Not Purely Military”

Many of us have spoken volumes about the real ulterior motives behind the “disengagement”, the expulsion. Here’s a frank admission by outgoing Southern Commander;

“Concerning the expulsion, the outgoing commander [Lt. General Harel] admitted that the IDF acted in matters “that were not purely military.” He added, “I am not sure the disengagement stemmed from security considerations, although I assume they were part of the considerations that brought the move.” read more


More Expulsions, J’lem Hyatt Drama, “Unyielding War” Against Terrorism, Hadera Bombing Fatalities