Likud Construction Freeze Lame Excuse #1: “10 Months Eventually Pass”: Benny Begin

Former Prime Minister Menecham Begin z’l never meant for Israeli governance to fall as it has in the years since he signed the Camp David accords with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, and particularly in the ensuing years since the disastrous Oslo era began. In fact, there are numerous citings in Torah, as well as in the contemporary history of OUR times of righteous Jews who were niftar (who passed away) pre-dating tragic down-turns in Jewish history. Menachem Begin’s passing in March, 1992 is one of a number of such contemporary citings as the Oslo Accords were signed, with great fanfare in Washington D.C. by then-prime minister Rabin and Shimon Peres as they both shook the blood-stained, cantaminated hand of arch-terrorist and serial murderer of Jews Yassir Arafat on 13 September 1993.

And so, Menachem Begin must have turned in his grave a whole lot over these past 16 years, particularly over the recent vote by his son, now Minister-without-portfolio Benny Begin, in favor of the precedent-setting “10 month freeze” on construction on Divinely-Ordained Jewish land in Yehudah and the Shomron in Eretz Yisrael.

The “honorable” minister-without-portfolio lightly passed off his voting in favor of the freeze saying;

“Ten months eventually pass”

and adding;

That when construction is renewed in 10 months, “we will do it based on our basic and historic rights to this country, including Judea and Samaria, and return to building faster and in greater numbers than we did before.”

Need one remind minister-without-portfolio Begin and other Likud hacks and “old boys” of the message frozen construction on Jewish land has sent to the murderous Islamic enemy, as well as to the nations from the mouth of Israel’s prime minister, from the mouths of Israel’s institutions and governance? That message is one projecting Israel’s and Jewish existence as illegal, immoral and illegitimate. The construction freeze is yet another leftist-agendized blunder further legitimizing Islamic claims, in the eyes of the nations, not only to parts of Jewish land, but to ALL Jewish land.

And need one remind them of [this author’s recollection] Rabin’s rationalization of Oslo;

“If they’re bad boys, we’ll just go and take it back.”

They were/are bad boys, again and again infinitum and the government of Israel has basically done nothing except concede more and more and more.

We harken back to the lesson of how to boil a frog, or a lobster; gradually, a little at a time, allowing it to re-acclimate each time before the final time when the heat is turned on full and the frog or lobster DIES.

And in considering the above cooking lesson so, we must yet again re-learn a fundamental rule of human nature, which Bibi, Barak and Olmert and Sharon before them as well as the radical left have mastered, and which the masses have yet to understand and intuitively see through, regarding breaking of important news, the old adage; “Break it to me gently.”

When the brothers returned to Yaakov, there is a midrash which indicates that they were worried about how to break the news of Yosef to him, that the shock of the news might endanger Yaakov’s life. And so, they sent Asher’s daughter Serach, with her great spirituality and her special harp playing talent, to gently sing a melody to Yaakov; “My uncle Yosef is still alive; he is ruler over Egypt.” (The Midrash Says, Sefer Breish’t, page 426)

And so, we’ve watched the evolution of events over the last 16 years; Oslo, Oslo2, Wye, leaving South Lebanon to Hezbollah, “Roadmaps”, the expulsion from Gush Katif and the 4 Shomron Towns, the kidnapping of Jewish soldiers and lack of efforts to rescue them, the Lebanon conflict with its so-called “ceasefire” and bogus UN UNIFIL “peacekeepers”, Operation Cast Lead and yet another bogus
“ceasefire” in Gaza, the High Court’s continued demolition of the other branches of government, Olmert’s, and now Bibi’s continuing attempts to bring about “Convergence” — divesting Israelis of their Jewishness — this time by way of a “10 month construction freeze” and much much more. Every intelligent person knows about the above, that the past 16 years has seriously damaged Israel on ALL levels.

And what of the aftermath 10 months hence and Begin’s abovementioned promise?? Highly doubtful that there is any teeth behind Begin’s promise or that his comment: “Ten months eventually pass” will even be remembered by the Yosef Q. Israeli sheep other than by google searches.