Israel and “Boiled Lobster” Prediction Coming True?

One of my emailers from yesterday emailed again to reiterate a section of that email; As indicated yesterday, “The Holy Land is being dealt away in bits and pieces rather than deJudaicized all at once. That’s the goal: the END of a Jewish homeland. Why? To prevent sudden, Israel-wide realization that specific local politicians are determined to end the existence of Judaism and its refined adherents.”

And of course, international politicians are part of the mix.

This got me to thinking. A number of years ago, my friend Jay Shapiro, another former Philadelphian, wrote a book on the Height of the Oslo era in the mid -1990s entitled, “The Government of Israel and The Boiled Lobster.”

Jay has lived in Israel for 36 years. He has had a career in which he was a physicist, a negotiator and administrator of aerospace projects, as well as promoting Aliyah. He is also a noted commentator of the news in Israel and has had a weekly radio program.

In the first couple of pages of the book, Jay sets out first to find out how and then to explain how to boil a lobster. For you see, Jay is a Religious Jew who has never eaten lobster in his life.

He writes “There are some people who try to cook lobsters by throwing the live ones into a pot of boiling water. This generally doesn’t work because the lobsters carry on terribly and start jumping out of the pot. In order to do this properly, you have to take into account the nature and character of the lobsters.”

There are two important factors about lobsters. “First, they are cold blooded creature — which means that they assume the temperature of whatever environment they happen to be in. Second, and contrary to the conventional wisdom, lobsters are very clever and they can only be beaten by cunning. ”

Jay then describes the procedure; “…Take a pot of water at room temperature and place it on an unlighted stove. Then you place the lobster gently inside and allow it time to settle in and get comfortable. Then, very quietly and stealthily, you reach over and light the burner under the pot. It has to only be a small fire. Then you wait awhile. The lobster will sense the slight change in temperature and rearrange his internal temperature accordingly. After a while, you (quietly) raise the fire somewhat and, again wait. The lobster will again make the proper rearrangement. You continue to do this in little steps and, after a while, the lobster begins to notice that it is getting uncomfortable and more difficult to make the necessary internal changes. However, the lobster, being a clever creature, begins to reason with itself, ‘It’s getting uncomfortable here …, but it used to be nice and maybe it will be again. Besides, why should I jump out and maybe find out what is causing all of this trouble and put a stop to it. I don’t know what is outside and maybe it is worse out there than in here. So there is no alternative other than to get used to this situation.'”

“After a while, the temperature has gotten pretty high and there are bubbles coming from the bottom of the pot. But the lobster, continuing to reason with itself the same way, pretends not to notice them. Then, finally, the temperature reaches a point where the lobster can no longer make the internal changes — and is boiled.”

Jay concludes, “That’s how you cook a lobster. That is also how you cook a Jewish State.”

In short, “The Holy Land is being dealt away in bits and pieces rather than deJudaicized all at once …”, or Cooking the Jewish State in 2005. MB