Sunday Thru Tuesday War News: Gaza Arab Terrorists Fire At Israelis Near Border, IDF Responds, Gaza Arab Nabbed Attempting Infiltration; Arabs Riot, Stab, Throw Rocks in Jerusalem as Cache of Rocks Found, Arabs Stone Vehicles Near Kalkilya, IDF Nabs 4 Arab Terrorists

IDF Strikes Back at Gaza [ARAB] Terrorists Linked to al-Qaeda [After Earlier Shooting by Gaza Arab Terrorists at Israeli Workers Near Border]

IDF Troops Arrest Arab Trying to Sneak in From Gaza [Near Moshav Zikim]

Inciteful Sheikh Salah Arrested in Jerusalem [On Roof of Building in Wadi Joz Neighborhood With 30 of His Supporters]

Related report: Court Frees Salah, But He Must Stay Outside Jerusalem [for 30 Days??]

Arabs Throw Stones on Road 55 [Near Kalkilya]

Arab Youths Throw Rocks at Police in East Jerusalem [Ras al-Amud Neighborhood]

Three Terror Suspects Arrested [Two in Hevron Area, 1 in Shechem Area]

Palestinian [ARAB] Arrested at Beka’ot After Soldier Finds 2 Knives in His Car

Cop Rushed to Surgery After Jerusalem [Arab Stabbing] Attack

Palestinians [ARABS] Throw Rocks at Haredim on Mount of Olives

Wheelbarrows Full of Rocks Found on Temple Mount