Thursday Thru Shabbos Succot War News: Kassam Attacks, Continued Kidnap Incitement, IAF Hits Weapons Storage Building, Smuggling Tunnels; Arabs Riot After Temple Mount Closed, IDF Nabs 18 Islamic Terrorists

IAF Carries Out 2 Gaza Strikes [on Weapons Storage Building, Smuggling Tunnels] in Response to Kassam Fire

Kassam from Gaza Hits Western Negev [Sha’ar HaNegev Region]

Terror Attacks Continue with Kassam [Landing in the Hof Ashkelon Region], Explosives [Device Detonated South of Mount Hebron]

Hamas Continues Incitement to Kidnap

Arabs Hurl Rocks and Bottles at Police After Temple Mount Closed

Bomb Explodes [Saturday Night] at Tel Aviv Building Entrance [Terror Attack?]

Eight Arrested in Overnight Terrorist Roundup [Southwest of Shechem, Northwest of Ramallah, Southwest of Jenin, South of Jenin]

IDF Arrests 10 PA Terror Suspects Over Night [in the Shechem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho Areas]