Monday Through Wednesday War News: Northern Border a Powderkeg, Could Explode; IDF Nabs 28 Terrorists and 2 Arabs With Knives, Arabs Stone Jewish Auto Near Kalkilya, Hebron’s Zion Route Reopened to Arab Traffic, Arabs Attack Jew in Old City – Elude Capture Via Mosques on Har HaBayit

Deputy OC Northern Command: ‘Stability in North Could be Shattered’ [Hezbollah Tries to Salvage Rockets, Munitions From Exploded Arms Cache Last Month]

Related report: Hezbollah Stockpiles 40,000 Rockets Near Israel Border

IDF Arrests Terror Suspect Near Bethlehem

IDF Stops Arab With Knife Near Kalkilya

Arabs Throw Rocks at Israeli Car [Near Kalkilya]

IDF Arrests Thirteen Arab Terror Suspects

Arab Caught in Hevron [at Ma’arat HaMachpela] With Large Knife

Hebron’s Zion Route Reopened for Passage of Palestinian Vehicles [Route Closed in 2001 Following Shootings of Jews]

Arabs Attack Jew [in Old City] and Flee to Temple Mount

IDF Arrests 14 Terror Suspects [in the Shechem Area, the Ramallah Region, in the Bethlehem Area, in the Hevron Area]