Ehud Barak Planning Imminent Demolition of Gush Etzion Home of IDF Commando??

Received this email from Mattot Arim today and am urging everyone reading this to contact Shas Minister Eli Yishai and Shas Chavrei Knesset to nix Ehud Barak’s apparent attempt in the coming days to demolish this home in Gush Etzion:

From: :

URGENT: The home of a reserve commando officer who has risked his life for all of us many times, his pregnant wife and their baby daughter Shaked may be destroyed tomorrow, the next day or Wednesday –in Gush Etzion — because the Labor Party Convention is convening Wednesday. It is customary for the head of the party (currently Ehud Barak) to decimate an outpost a day or two before this periodic political event, because some of the Labor Party’s functionaries are radical leftwingers who truly delight in settler-bashing.

Please contact Eli Yishai, who happens to be the government minister who can prevent this (because more MKs are loyal to him than to Barak). Use SMS, fax or phone to say something like:



050-6240925, 0506240926, 0504005080, 050-6204474,

FAXES: 02-5666376, 02-6701585, 02-6701628

PHONES: 02-6701411, 02-6701447/8, 02-6701400, 026701402

Email is less good than SMS, Phones or Faxes, however, below are the emails addresses:


Thank you very much for helping out — please pass this on URGENTLY


This author just fired off the following email to the above addresses:

Shalom Honored Minister Yishai and Chavrei Knesset:

I have received news indicating that Ehud Barak intends to facilitate the destruction of the home of Modi and Tamar Bibi and their young daughter Shaked who live in Gush Etzion.

Please, as religious Jews, take any and all necessary political actions to see that Ehud Barak is stopped in his heinous crime against his fellow Jews.

Many thanks and Tizke L’Mitzvot,

This blog is encouraging all who call, fax, SMS or email to do so. Time is of the essence. (MB)