Sunday War News: Stonings, Molotovs and Injuries; Terrorist, Sheep Rustlers Nabbed; Soldier Attacked, Wounded and Weapon Stolen in Infiltration at Tzrifin Base

Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Israeli Civilian Near Beit El; No Casualties

Firebomb Attacks in Samaria [South of Shechem]

Terrorists Throw Firebombs and Rocks [Near Bethlehem]

IDF Arrests Terror Suspect [in Hevron]

Assailants Attack IDF Soldier on [Tzrifin] Base, Steal His Weapon

Police Chase Down, Arrest Arab Sheep Rustlers [With 60 Sheep Stolen from Jews]

Four Injured in Galilee Stoning Attack [Also Stoning of Israeli Vehicle West of Ramallah]

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