Shas Talks on Joining Livni Government: Jerusalem Not Necessarily Red Line?



Is there anything at all new under the sun? We’ve known the FACTS regarding Shas’ Jerusalem priority, or lack thereof, for over six months. MB

Shas Negotiating Attorney Indicates Jerusalem Not Necessarily Red Line, Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 17 October 2008 (IMRA)

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In a live interview broadcast during the noon news program today of Israel Radio, Attorney David Glass, who is negotiating with representatives of FM Livni on behalf of the Shas party, explained that should a deal be reached with Livni for Shas to join her ruling coalition and the agreement does not preclude negotiations over Jerusalem with the Palestinians that the decision to accept the deal would be left up to the Shas Council of Sages and Rabbi Yosef.

Glass suggested that it might be possible to come up with a formulation on the matter but that in any case the decision to accept deal that does not prohibit negotiations over Jerusalem would be left up to the rabbis.

It would appear from the remarks that Glass was not given explicit instructions that he should not even present a deal for approval by the rabbis that allowed negotiations over Jerusalem.

Glass indicated in his interview that he does not share the view Shas does on Arab-Israeli affairs but he declined to elaborate and only noted that he was acting as their attorney rather than representing his own views.

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