Friday War News: IDF Nabs 3 Terrorists, Palestinians Toss Molotovs Near Shechem, Auto Terrorist 3rd Recent Terrorist From Jabel Mukabar, Terrorist Nabbed Near Shechem, 1,000’s of Arabs Cheat Israel – Draw PA Pay, 6 Arabs Nabbed in Weapons Ring

IDF Troops Arrest Three Wanted Palestinian Men

Palestinians Hurl Molotov Cocktails at Cars [Near Shechem]

Mughrabi [Auto Terrorist Who Ran Down 23] 3rd Terrorist from Jabel Mukabar Neighborhood

Terrorist Arrested Near Shechem

Firebomb Attack in Samaria [Hurling Bombs at 3 Israeli Drivers Between Tapuach Junction and Otzrin]

Thousands [of Arabs] Cheat Israeli System, Get PA Salaries

[Six] Arabs Arrested in Weapons Ring

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