Thursday War News: 12 Terrorists Nabbed — 4 at Checkpoint, Arab Cars, Tractor Attempt Run-Down of Soldiers, Another Attempted Hawara Stabbing of Chayal, 3 Arabs Nabbed for Killing Border Guards, Arabs Pass Guards onto High-Security IAF Base

IDF Arrests Eight Suspected Terrorists

Arab Cars, Tractor Attempt to Run Down Soldiers [at IDF Roadblock at Sinjil, North of Ramallah]

4 Palestinians Arrested at Checkpoint, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

Again, Hawara: Arab Tries to Stab Soldier at Checkpoint, by Gil Ronen (Israel National News)

3 Arrested for Murders of Two Border Policemen [Near Shuafat, Druze village of Zarzir]

Arabs Saunter into High-Security IAF Base

“The Arabs managed to pass multiple security rings monitored by closed circuit cameras and wandered about the base, passing near advanced jets, bombs and advanced weaponry and in clear sight of officers and soldiers who did not take special notice of them.”

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