Monday, Tuesday War News: Why Livni’s Truce Violation Comments?; Rocks Thrown at Cars, Buses in Jerusalem, Near Hevron, Illegal Arab Homes Leveled in East Jerusalem, 17 Terrorists Nabbed in Two Days

Livni: Israel Must Respond to Cease-Fire Violations, Fire Against Fire


After repeated documented “truce” violations including rocket and mortar fire through mid-July, Livni’s comments regarding Israeli responses are puzzling as there has not been a documented report of a “ceasefire” violation since mid-July. If all is quiet, why the “must respond” comments? Could there be a gag-order in place regarding “truce” violations? Is Livni delivering a hidden message? Could this message be politically motivated?

Further, that Livni said it, believe it ONLY when you see such response actualized. MB


“Israel needs to respond to cease-fire violations, fire against fire,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

“Israel’s response needs to give the message that we won’t accept fire, regardless of which organization it comes from,” she said.

Rock-Throwing Arabs Damage Car, Nine Terrorists Nabbed

Buses Stoned in Northern Jerusalem

Army Says Palestinians Attack Troops With Rocks Near Na’alin

Palestinians Pelt Car With Rocks Near Hebron, No Injuries

Palestinians Throw Rocks at Israeli Vehicle North of Hebron; No Wounded

Israel Levels Illegal Arab Homes in Eastern Jerusalem

IDF Arrests 8 Palestinian Terror Suspects

Rocks Hurled at Israeli Bus in the Hebron Area; None Hurt

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