Sunday War News: IDF Preps for Rockets on Ashdod; IDF Kills Terror Mastermind of Dimona Attack, Hamas Men Nabbed in Tulkarm, Warning of Revolving Door Terrorists, Terrorists Nabbed for Stonings, Will Israel Demolish Terrorist Homes, Expell Families?

IDF Preparing for Rocket Attacks on Ashdod

PA Forces Arrest Hamas Men in Tulkarm

IDF Kills Hamas Terrorist Responsible for Dimona Attack

IDF Kills Terror Mastermind [of February Terror Attack in Dimona] in Hebron

IDF Warns of Revolving Door Terrorists

Palestinians Arrested After Throwing Rocks at IDF Troops South of Bethlehem

Mofaz: Demolishing Terrorists’ Homes and Expulsions Now on Agenda


Any bets as to whether or not anything will actually happen?

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