Interior Minister Sheetrit Uses Office in Attempts to Stifle Religious Aliyah


As is so often the case, Barak of IRIS hits the mark again with the post ‘Israel Should No Longer Grant Automatic Citizenship to Jews.’

In speaking before a Jewish Agency Board of Governors meeting in Jerusalem, Sheetrit was not merely addressing the issue the B’nei Menashe from India. He called for a five-year waiting period for citizenship.

He explained that “Israel should become like every other country. I want to see that [the immigrant] is not a criminal, that he’s learning Hebrew; that he’s here for five years before getting citizenship.”

Sheetrit told the delegates from around the world that “we have to focus on absorption” of olim already in Israel “whose lives are miserable.”

“Don’t go finding me any lost tribes because I won’t let them in any more,” he declared. “We have enough problems in Israel. Let them go to America.”

One senior Jewish Agency official told the Post shortly after Sheetrit’s speech that “everyone here is against [Sheetrit’s] suggestion to change the Law of Return. The big problem is conversion, not the Law of Return.”

Several participants in the Board of Governors meeting walked out of the hall in protest during the speech, which also included criticism of the Jewish Agency’s priorities. According to a spokesman for Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews leader “walked out because of the comments about Ethiopians and the minister’s calling the agency irrelevant. He wanted to express his disagreement and discomfort over the insulting content of the speech.”

But Israel is NOT like every other nation, and the Jews are NOT any other people, despite the leftist, protexia agenda of division, separation and divorce of Israelis from their Jewish roots, laws, history and heritage which Meir Sheetrit exemplifies.

Sheetrit’s call for Israel to no longer grant automatic citizenship to Jews is obviously a political ploy with the purpose of stunting the growing numbers of Anglo olim from the US and other English-speaking countries who are overwhelming opposed to the regime’s attempts to divide Jerusalem and hand away sovereignty over Har HaBayit as well as Education Ministry efforts to portray Israel’s modern-day sovereign statehood as a “disaster” in state textbooks, releasing terrorists as “confidence-building measures” and paying the salaries of Hamas.

This is not Sheetrit’s first display of callous, mean-spiritedness. This blog has tracked numerous other instances of Minister Sheetrit’s blatant hatefulness. MB

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