Will the Arabs Repeated Failure to Accept Israeli Concessions Again Save Us from OUR Hate-Blinded, Anti-Torah Leaders?


Haim Ramon is very definitely NOT an ideologue. He and Olmert are part of the Israeli protexia class who consider themselves above all law and all legal due process. They and their moral and ethical perversions and their disdain for their Jewish heritage are, as a former NJ governor once put it, “Purrfect Together.” MB

PA [Saves Israel from Itself?] Demands Complete Withdrawal From Jerusalem, Right of Return, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

So here we are with Israeli policy being driven by an ideologue (Ramon) who thinks that withdrawal would herald utopian peace, a politician (Olmert) trying to avoid an indictment and a planning horizon even shorter than Sharon’s and an FM (Livni) who enjoys pontificating about Israel’s requirements for the diplomatic process which in practice she ignores, along with an American Secretary of State convinced she can give out marching orders to Jerusalem and an American president who seems to think that if you say someone is a great “moderate Palestinian leader” who can deliver the goods enough times that the endorsement will somehow transform reality. They even already set the location for the grand ignore-reality-make-a
-sovereign-Palestinian-state-come-what-may extravaganza.

And then the Palestinians save the day with a hard line stand before they get a sovereign state of a silver platter?

Will the Palestinians, once again, save Israel from itself?

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