Thursday War News: Kassams Continue Despite Israel’s “Hostile Entity” Sanctions


Two Kassams Land Near Sderot; No Wounded or Damage Reported

Two Kassam Rockets Land Near Sderot; None Wounded

Islamic Jihad: We’ll Keep Firing Rockets Despite Threats to Cut Power

Haniyeh Asks Jihad, PRC to Stop Rocket Attacks on Israel


“The IDF is set to begin compiling a list of the economic sanctions to be imposed on the Gaza Strip following the cabinet’s decision to declare Gaza and its Hamas government a ‘hostile entity.'”

2 Hamas Gunmen Injured in Clashes with IDF in Gaza

IDF Arrests Nine Terror Suspects [in Judea, Samaria]

IDF Soldiers Capture 20 Fugitives in Shechem Operation

Palestinians Throw Five Molotov Cocktails at Troops [Near Shechem]