Mohammed al-Dura Case: Pallywood, Hezbollywood Islamic Hoaxes Exposed



Two months ago, Barak of IRIS wrote re-expressing what is the concensus throughout blogosphere, that the Mohammed al-Dura scam is referred to as the Biggest News Scandal of All Time.

Caroline Glick has written on the Mohammed al-Dura affair twice in the past week. The first article was in the context of properly discrediting Avrum Burg and Haaretz reporter Danny Rubinstein, Jewish authors of lies, fabrications and perfidy against Israel. Glick decried the Israeli “Foreign Ministry’s contemptuous treatment of French Jewish activist Philippe Karsenty, who is being hounded by the French media giant France 2 television network for his dogged defense of Israel and the IDF. ”

Glick’s 2nd article is her report that the IDF, 7 years after the alleged “murder”, has finally demanded from French state TV the nncut al-Dura tape and “has abandoned its official silence in a seven-year-old case that has been characterized as a ‘blood libel’ against the IDF and the State of Israel.”

Glick makes some devastating points in both articles;

In the earlier article, she notes;

In the past, the IDF shied away from taking a strong public position on the al-Dura affair. At the time of the incident, then-chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz and then-prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak did not openly support Samia’s inquiry or its findings.

As late as June 23, 2006, then-IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Miri Regev told Haaretz, “I cannot determine whether the IDF is or is not responsible for the killing of al-Dura.”

For the past year, Karsenty and his supporters have repeatedly begged the IDF and the Foreign Ministry to support him in his appeal. They have repeatedly appealed to the IDF and the Foreign Ministry to request the unedited France 2 footage. Although various promises of assistance have been made, a week before his appeal, Karsenty has yet to receive any letters of support that he could introduce at his appeal from the Foreign Ministry. According to people close to the trial, Israel’s ambassador in France, Danny Shek, enjoys warm relations with Enderlin.

FOLLOWING the Israeli government’s lead, most major Jewish organizations in the Diaspora have refused to support Karsenty or to demand the release of the unedited footage of the 2000 film that has served to justify and incite murder and hatred of Jews in Israel and throughout the world ever since. Among American Jewish organizations, the Zionist Organization of America is the only major group that has come out strongly in support of Karsenty.

In the more recent article dated September 17, she writes;

On September 10, the deputy commander of the IDF’s Spokesman’s Office, Col. Shlomi Am-Shalom, submitted a letter to the France 2 television network’s permanent correspondent in Israel, Charles Enderlin, regarding Enderlin’s story from September 30, 2000, in which he televised 55 seconds of edited footage from the Netzarim junction in the central Gaza Strip purporting to show IDF forces shooting and killing 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura.

Am-Shalom asked for the entire unedited 27-minute film that was shot by France 2’s Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu-Rahma that day, as well as the footage filmed by Abu-Rahma on October 1, 2000. Am-Shalom requested that the broadcast-quality films be sent to his office no later than September 15. France 2 has yet to hand over the requested film.

Am-Shalom discussed at length the findings of the IDF’s probe into the incident. That inquiry was ordered by then-OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yom Tov Samia.

Citing Samia, Am-Shalom wrote, “The general has made clear that from an analysis of all the data from the scene, including the location of the IDF position, the trajectory of the bullets, the location of the father [Jamal al-Dura] and the son behind an obstacle, the cadence of the bullet fire, the angle at which the bullets penetrated the wall behind the father and his son, and the hours of the events, we can rule out with the greatest certainty the possibility that the gunfire that apparently harmed the boy and his father was fired by IDF soldiers, who were at the time located only inside their fixed position [at the junction].”

Am-Shalom further notes that “Gen. Samia emphasized to me that all his attempts to receive the filmed material for the purpose of his inquiry were rejected.”

It seems obvious that there is much more systemically at work here than mere incompetence in the caliber of Israel’s hasbara, media relations and battlefront media management.

What the Mohammed al-Dura scam and countless other such fraudulent Pallywood, Hezbollywood productions represent are hybrid, hi-tech, state-of the-art offshoots and off-springs of the Islamic proclivity to manufacture lies and rumors in order to justify “retaliatory” pogroms against Jews such as in Hevron in 1929.

Successive regimes, through their deliberate benign neglect, malfeasance and non-feasance in the abovementioned areas which have been universally acknowledged as rising nearly to the level of importance of battlefield action itself, go a long way toward negating hard-fought advantages gained through the blood, sweat and toil of IDF soldiers on the battlefield.

One point is axiomatic with all of this fraudulent journalism. That is; unless an accusation such as Mohammed al-Dura scam, or the case of the dead man who got up and got back in his coffin and countless other instances of altered footage and doctored photos are confronted and nixed within short timeframe of their emergence with all of the expertise, i.e. in this case, French Jew Philippe Karsenty, they become axiom that the Big Lie of these false, fraudulent, bogus accusations will become truth by default.

In light of the Sharon/Olmert regime’s neglect and contemptuousness for French Jewish activist Philippe Karsenty who faces litigation for his dogged support of Israel and the IDF, Ehud Olmert’s insane ravings about convergence uttered in the midst of the last summer’s Lebanon conflict become particularly instructive.

The point here being that Olmert and his cronies of the “protexia class” anti-Torah regime are devoid of Jewish belief-system and thus no pride or self-worth and worse. Thus, in their blind, mindless hate and disdain for Torah and their Jewish heritage, they would sooner be seen as hanging their heads in shame before a disdainful world of nations which views Israel collectively as hypocritical. They would sooner perceive themselves as being embarrassed by the nations and being forced to give up Jewish land and its meaning, which they despise anyway, rather than putting the media logistics in place which would utlize the skills and expertise of staunch Jewish allies as well as blogosphere to debunk Pallywood, Hezbollywood productions such as Mohammed al-Dura and the numerous other cases of journalistic malpractice such as the citings blogged about by Iris’ Barak and others. MB

IDF Demands Uncut al-Dura Tape, by Caroline Glick (Jerusalem Post)

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