2 Years After Expulsion: Regime to Former Gush Katif Residents = 0

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This blogger received the email below from Dror Vanunu of Katifund regarding the current status of the expelled former Gush Katif residents;

Gush Katif Special Report: 22 Months Without a Home.

For the past weeks we are witnessing the emergence of the Hamas in the Gaza Strip and their sowing of violence, despair and hatred among their own people.

From the ruins of our destroyed homes and synagogues they spit out their anger and cruelty to annihilate the State of Israel.

The loved places that we colored in bright orange of hope and joy are now spotted with threatening green.

It’s never easy to say: “We told you”, and especially when it refers to the consequences of the eviction of 10,000 law abiding, idealistic pioneers and productive citizens from their homes and communities of Gush Katif and North Shomron.

We warned the architects of the expulsion of the emergence in the Gaza Strip of fundamentalists who would take over the reins of the government and turn it into “Hamastan”, supported by Iran and Syria.

We warned them of the recrudescence of terrorist acts directed at cities, kibbutzim and moshavim of the South, forcing the population to wander to seek shelter.

We warned them of the war arsenal that would be channeled through the Philadelphia route and transform the Gaza Strip into a barrel of dynamite.

We warned them of the lack of preparedness of the government to care for the refugees.

We warned them of the enormous lie intended to silence the voices of the opposition: “There is a solution for every settler!”.

Almost two years and the solutions are poor and inadequate.

37% unemployment, the family income has decreased of 40%, families are still living in temporary housing, farmers and businesses are waiting for compensation monies to be paid, and only 0.7% has started to build a permanent house: 12 out of 1,700 families!

Become a ‘Friend of Gush Katif” and take part in the rehabilitation of the families and communities.

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