Motsei Shabbos and Sunday War News

Islamic Libel and the Regime’s Self-Demeaning Responses: “Nothing New Under the Sun”

Rude Awakening, by Sarah Honig
(Jerusalem Post)


For related context regarding “Pallywood”, “Hezbollywood,” the libelous Islamic flaming of religious conflict and the Regime’s disgraceful Jewish self-hating responses, click here.

Also, check out a few of the more recent Islamic libels here, here and here. MB

“If Arab Knesset members profess to believe without reservation or hesitation that Israel’s ultra-broadminded democracy has nothing better to do than kindle an explosive religious conflict, then we have dangerously deluded ourselves about coexistence even within Israel’s pre-1967 borders.” read more

Most Incompetent DM in Israel’s History Incapable of Winning a War, Set for “Easy Prey” — the Jews


Defense Minister Amir Peretz, for whom it would make no difference whether or not his binoculars are capped when he looks through them, is incapable of leading national defense in a time of war, so he looks for easy prey to bully; the Jews of Yehuda and the Shomron.

But in preparing for a possible, imminent replay of Amona on a larger scale, he may just have bitten off a bit more than his level of incompetency can handle. All the while, the dire predictions from numerous sources keep flowing about renewed warfare in the north as Hezbollah rearms to pre-war strength and Syria prepares. read more

And The Turks Didn’t Know Their Airspace Used for Iran Contraband? Olmert, Give Us a Break!!


What about Olmert’s vaunted “Turkish objectivity” regarding the construction site at Mughrabi Gate now? For context, click here and here. MB

“Olmert Showed Turks Proof Iran Used Their Airspace”

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reportedly exposed “sensitive intelligence information” before the Turkish government which shows that Iranian arms supplied to the Hizbullah passed through Turkey’s airspace. This claim was published Thursday in Lebanese newspapers. read more

Gimmel’s Chance for a Partial Atonement Regarding Gush Katif?

Gafni to Consider No Confidence Vote

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MK Moshe Gafni of United Torah Judaism said Thursday that he would consider bringing a vote of no confidence in the government due to the government’s treatment of the Jews who were expelled from Gush Katif. Gafni’s decision came during a visit to Nitzan with MK Uri Ariel (NU-NRP). The government has acted cruelly, he said, to the people which it expelled from their homes.

Nitzan is the caravan camp where many of the Jews expelled from Gush Katif still live. While the government has promised to build permanent settlements in the Lachish area, the building has been repeatedly postponed. read more

Bibi on the Former Gush Katif Residents: Talks Like a Savior, But Voted for Expulsion

Neglecting the Gaza Evacuees, by Binyamin Netanyahu (Jerusalem Post)

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More than a year has passed since the communities in Gush Katif and northern Gaza were uprooted. Over 1,000 families went from being evacuees to refugees in their own country. Very little has changed since then.

Despite the government’s assurances and the establishment of a large and well-budgeted agency to handle their re-acculturation, hundreds of families are still facing an unbearable reality. Most live in temporary communities. According to the evacuees’ data, nearly half are unemployed and those who did find work earn no more than half of what they used to earn prior to the pullout. read more

Kever Yosef: The Visible Lessons for All Who Would See and Learn

The Lessons of Joseph’s Tomb, by Arlene Kushner (Israel National News)

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“The memory of what was done to Joseph’s Tomb is especially bitter in the face of current fallacious and deliberately inflammatory Islamic claims that we are threatening their holy sites by re-building a bridge to the Mughrabi Gate on the Temple Mount. While all work is being done outside of the Mount, their inciteful cry is that Israeli efforts threaten the Al-Aksa Mosque.” read more

Olmert Regime and the Rule of Law: Two Must Reads [With a Few Thousand Grains of Salt Re: Motivations of the Writers]

Paz-Pines: Olmert Weakening Rule of Law, by Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post]


Labor leadership candidate Ophir Paz-Pines launched his campaign on Wednesday by accusing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of being corrupt, Defense Minister Amir Peretz of causing damage and his party of being “addicted to power.”

“Olmert saying that he had no agenda was one of the worst things a prime minister has ever said, especially at a time when mothers are sending their children to war,” Paz-Pines said, referring to a statement Olmert made in September. read more