And The Turks Didn’t Know Their Airspace Used for Iran Contraband? Olmert, Give Us a Break!!


What about Olmert’s vaunted “Turkish objectivity” regarding the construction site at Mughrabi Gate now? For context, click here and here. MB

“Olmert Showed Turks Proof Iran Used Their Airspace”

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert reportedly exposed “sensitive intelligence information” before the Turkish government which shows that Iranian arms supplied to the Hizbullah passed through Turkey’s airspace. This claim was published Thursday in Lebanese newspapers.

The report says that during his visit to Turkey last week, Olmert gave top Turkish officials information about weapons being transferred through Turkey’s sovereign airspace and territory, through use of Syrian or Iranian aircraft, as well as trucks moving through Turkey into Syria.

According to the reports, the Iranians know that their direct weapons shipments to Syria and Lebanon are closely monitored by other countries, and transfer weapons through an additional, Turkish route, as a deception tactic.