The Consequences of Olmert Regime’s Utter Dependence on Bosom of US Aid

Here are two important stories regarding the consequences of the Olmert regime’s total and complete dependence upon the US and the nations to insure Israel’s security;

U.S. Blocks Arms, Technology To Israel (Middle East News Line)

The Bush administration has blocked arms and technology transfers to Israel.

Israeli and U.S. sources said the State Department has blocked the transfer of weapons and technology to the Jewish state over the last three months. The sources said the halt reflected deteriorating relations between the two countries since the end of the war in Lebanon in August 2006.

“Nobody will say openly that there is a problem,” a government source said. “But there is a serious problem that reflects the marginalization of Israel in U.S. strategy.”

The unofficial suspension of U.S. arms deliveries began in late September, the sources said. They said the suspension halted the airlift of air-to-ground and other munitions conducted during and immediately after the Israeli war with Hizbullah.
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The United States to Support Palestinian State With Temporary Borders

“According to the report, the borders of the state would be based upon the second stage of the Road Map.”

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Typical of how the regime’s total dependency on the bosom of the US is backfiring, the first stage of the “Roadmap”, “Pa (sic)” compliance, has been totally dropped. Step 2 is Israeli concessions. And Bush and his new Baker group in the State Department has suspensed U.S. arms deliveries to insure compliance. We need Jewish leaders and leadership who will take responsibility and not abrogate it and depend on the Nations to insure our security. MB


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