Wednesday War News [After Olmert Regime Censor and Filter]

Israel May Release Embargoed Funds to PA

How absurd is this?? MB

Kassam Lands in Western Negev; None Wounded

Enemy Rocket Lands Near Ashkelon in Renewed Barrage

Terrorists Open Fire at Israeli Vehicle

IAF Targets Rocket Launchers in Gaza

Rock-Throwing Attack in Hevron

12 Foreign Citizens Caught Crossing Egypt Border

Terrorists Escalate Kassam Rocket Attacks

2 Qassams Fired at Sderot

Kassam Rocket Attack on Kibbutz, No Injuries

Update: Two Wanted Islamic Jihadists Eliminated Near Jenin

Israeli Forces Eliminate Two Islamic Jihad Terrorists

Arab with Knife Stopped Outside Jewish Hevron

Palestinians Open Fire at Soldiers north of Nablus; No Injuries

West Bank: Border Police Kill 2 Gunmen

IDF Arrests 22 Suspects in Judah and Samaria