Tuesday [Filtered and Censored] War News

Qassam Falls in Western Negev; No Injuries

IDF Arrests Tanzim Fugitive Near Bethlehem

Two Kassams Land in Western Negev; None Wounded

Foiled Terrorist Plan to Kidnap Israelis, 3 Arrested

Shin Bet Announces Hamas Terror Cell Bust

Soldiers Stop Knife-Wielding Terrorist

IDF Finds Three Bombs Near Gaza Security Fence

Border Police Kill Top Tanzim Man Near Tulkarm

IDF Soldier Lightly Hurt Near Gaza Fence

Special Forces Shoot Fleeing Shechem Terrorists, Kill One

Explosives Device Hurled at IDF Troops Near Jenin

Nablus: Israel Police Swat Team Kills Fatah Gunman

IDF Nabs 9 Terror Suspects Across West Bank

Six Terrorists Arrested in Judea and Samaria Overnight