How American Jewish Federations, Council of Presidents, ADL Squash Dissent Amongst American Jews…

Received the following insightful and compelling MUST READ email as to how the government of Israel and it’s American arm systematically maintain a head-in-the-sand, ignorance is bliss, subserviant mindset toward Israel among American Jews and how dissent and opposition are squashed.

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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 00:14:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jonathan Silverman

Hi everybody,

I sent an email to all the Jewish leaders just now. It took a while, wanting to write a charged email. Here it is. Below.

I also reccommend that we pick one of the leaders of a smaller organization in the list and all hit ’em with emails from all of us. Concentrate forces on a weak point see what happens.

The email sent as per Buddy Macy’s recent request.

Subject: Judea and Samaria– Not out of the woods yet!!! Minutes from Jewish event in NYC;

If it is one thing Disengagement taught us about the relationship building between the State of Israel and American Jews, is that the State of Israel goes the extra mile. The State of Israel goes the extra mile to defeat American Jewish attempts at preventing Israel’s shrinking borders. The newest bag of old tricks I saw one night, presented at a JCC event co-sponsored with an organization whose motto is: To be a bridge between Israeli and American Jews.

As you are about to hear what happened, prepare to feel stupefaction like never before. At least, there is some good news; with the same ideas being rehashed those who seek to destroy Israel are running out of ideas.

The JCC- Dor Chadash event involved a panel discussion of four speakers—two Israelis counting the moderator, and both from Dor Chadash. The Dor Chadash Israeli speaker called the ceasefire was a success. While sharing his reasoning for this with the crowd, he received nods from the moderator.

Apparently, the ceasefire though not a military victory, it still a success because it created a new political reality!

Wasn’t the Disengagement also hailed for creating a new political reality?

Furthermore, apparently, the ceasefire was a success because it got the international community involved and made Lebanon a better place for the Lebanese people!

I asked the moderator after the event to explain his spin on the ceasefire. Considering he showed approval at the young Israeli saying it was a political victory, the moderator’s answer was totally unexpected.

He said the good thing about the ceasefire is it stopped the rockets from falling. Once again, proponents of a state of Israel that makes concessions will say whatever they can to the shut up the American Jew.

New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler who also spoke at the event, spoke the best and truest. It was a delight to speak with him afterwards. When I said they are spinning the ceasefire. He said, “Yeah”.

A poll at the time, said 60% of Israelis disapproved of the way the Lebanon war was fought. The poll did not mention wherefore the disapproval stemmed from. And herein lies a possibility deafening it is so ominous. What if most of those polled disapproved because it was a military loss? It is an emotional feeling. As the emotional sting of a military victory naturally fades for a populace desensitized to violent tragedies, the Israelis will be duped again. When they hear what a political victory the ceasefire really is. Just like they were duped into thinking the Gaza disengagement was a political victory. And Iran will purposefully tell Hezbollah to wait for it. The infrastructure for more expulsions in place, the riot police, assisted by the IDF, and that Israelis braving expelling Jews from their homes, in the end saw it wasn’t so difficult.

For the sake of our Jewish brethern in Judea and Samaria, can we trust the Israeli public to throw out Olmert? Will the Israelis do it when they just had the lowest voter turnout ever? For us it is easy to see talk of expelling Jews is a third-rail, but we are rational, and since 1992 the Israelis as a whole can no longer be described as rational but suicidal.

Last weekend, Olmert sent two of his top advisors to see official Washington DC to bolster approval ratings, to announce his wish to restart the roadmap. A plan that offers no assurances for the continuing right of Jews in places like Judea and Samaria. A plan that allows for concessions made in regards to illegal outposts. And we all know how easy it is for the Israeli goverment to rescind specifically a Jewish home’s legal status….

For me, for the Jewish people, for Jews in Judea and Samaria, we are not out of the woods yet.

That is why I beseech you to do two things, publicly and proudly:

1) Add to the voice of tens of thousands protesting in Tel Aviv Saturday night demanding a State Commission of Inquiry, with investigators who are NOT appointed by those they are investigating.

2) Call for an end to madness: the resignation of Mr. Olmert, Mr. Peres, Mr. Peretz, Lt. Gen. Halutz and Ms. Livni.

Some of you know that I am not a religous Jew, yet we all know how powerful the day of Yom Kippur is. And perhaps, in this season of atonement, the Jewish leadership that was quiet in order to facilitate the devestating Gaza withdrawal, will grab this opportunity to make ammends with just and loud action.

Thanks for your time,

Jonathan Silverman

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