Flash: Abe Foxman’s Deplorable, Despicable Interview on Israel’s TV Channel 11 News…

This author tries not to comment or deal on this blog with issues and news not in some way related to or a consequence of last August’s expulsions of Jews from Gush Katif and the Shomron.

This author was dead tired on Friday night after Shabbos Dinner and visiting with friends across the street. Soo dead tired in fact, that a siddur was left at the friend’s home which was seen as gone missing on Shabbos morning.

And so, Motsei Shabbos, this author went back to the friend’s house to retrieve the siddur. Upon arriving to retrieve the siddur, he viewed an interview with ADL’s head Abe Foxman on Israel’s channel 11 news.

The issue of Abe Foxman’s remarks during the interview tonight arose because, in the view of this author, they must be seen as intrinsically related to the sin of expulsion where Abe Foxman and his ilk consistently gave and continues to give comfort, support and validation in Chutz L’Aretz to the Sharon/Olmert positions of Jew expelling Jew, whether from Gush Katif or in Olmert’s projected expulsions of Jews from Yehuda and the Shomron and the resultant criminal thefts at legalized gunpoint or projected criminal thefts of real estate and other personal property of Jews in Yehuda and the Shomron.

Foxman was being interviewed concerning UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s accusation that Israel deliberately bombed and killed UN troops. Foxman spoke about Annan’s apparent (to Foxman) problem that he (Annan) has with live Jews wanting to live in peace and security and thus defending themselves when under attack vs dead Jews from the holacaust and how Annan judges Israel’s defending themselves by a different standard than if any other nation asserts it’s inalienable right to self defense.

Regarding Annan’s false accusations, Foxman properly responded that it is incomprehensible that Annan could accuse Israel of deliberately targeting and killing the UN personnel. But in stating that this is not the first time that Annan has acted or spoken in a prejudicial or dual standard way regarding Israel, were Foxman a proud, confident Jew, he would have, as a matter of form and principle, recited chapter and verse the numerous other such ocassions where Annan has spoken or acted falsely regarding Israel. One such notable specific ocassion was the UN film regarding the kidnapping and murdering of 4 Israeli soldiers in 2000 which Annan and the UN withheld from Israel for at least a year, thus making the UN a purposeful accomplice to the murders of the soldiers.

In defending Israel, Foxman was poignantly deplorable in asking, in essence, why Israel is judged and denied the same right, the privilege to defend herself that is the inherent right of any other nation.

A proud and confident Jew who is grounded and connected to Shemayim would sooner say (and not ask); “I’m a Jew and my brethren, the people of Israel, by our being, by our very existence we have the right to defend ourselves and we really don’t care if the other nations, or the UN like it or not.”

As this author wrote in this week’s Parsha HaShevua; “Every Jew, every Israeli must look deep within himself and come to true, consistent answers … how to understand and relate to the murderous hatred of ALL Jews (religious and secular) equally by the Arab, Islamic nation. This murderous hate defies analysis, rationalization or attempts to remediate by way of misread (as weakliness) Israeli misguided, misdirected kindness, morality and desire for peace. “

But Abe Foxman is NOT a proud, strong Jew. He is NOT rooted in Torah. He suffers from the same “‘normal life’ like the other nations” mentality as Olmert and his secular crew. He is a product of the Yudenrat mentality and mindset of the National Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. He is a product of the “sha, shtill” mentality, the “now is not the right time” mentality of the American Jewish Establishment machers whose orientation, mentality, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Torah agenda necessitates carte blanche support for the Sharons, the Olmerts, the Peres’.

It is the mindset and rationale of those such as Abe Foxman which pays tribute and hommage to an organization or body of humans as having brought Israel into existence, that we must be beholding and subserviant to them and cow-tow to their demands rather than attributing modern-day Medinat Yisrael to Hashem’s divine manipulation of events and human beings is the same mentality who rationalizes their support for the GK expulsion or Olmert’s projected realignment as “we must support it because Israel want’s it”, because it is demanded by Bush/Condi, the EU, the UN, etc.

Similarly when Foxman begs for the same right as the rest of the world rather than standing proud and unequivocably asserting our divine right to take whatever actions are necessary for our self-defense (i.e., fighting a war like a war — fighting to a definite winning conclusion), this has everything to do with the root causes of expulsion.


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