COS Dan Halutz’s Premature Launch of Political Career? To Heck With Little Details Like Near-Direct Hits and Probable Resultant Loss of Life, Destruction …

COS Halutz Prepares for Political Future? Supports Retreat, Adopts “Snapshot” Mindset

Excerpts from Aaron Lerner’s IMRA Introduction to Haaretz Article;

When COS Halutz was back in the Air Force a near miss was treated with the same respect as a hit.

But COS Halutz is no longer in the Air Force. He is now Chief of
Staff/politician in waiting.

So now when he is interviewed he doesn’t have to worry about the near misses.

If the moment he is talking to a reporter the shower of rockets hasn’t yet succeeded then they are more or less irrelevant. read more


As Hoped for on This Blog: Pollards Charging Rafi Eitan with Withholding Evidence, Keeping Pollard Imprisoned …

A week ago, this author asked about the possibility of Pollard’s lawyers filing suit against Rafi Eitan for withholding of evidence regarding the Pollard case.

HCJ Temporarily Denies Pollard Petition

Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard: Israel Abandoned Me Out of Fear


Jailed American spy Jonathan Pollard said in an interview published Tuesday that Israel meekly handed him over to U.S. counterespionage agents in a panicked attempt to salvage relations battered by his sale of secret American documents to the Mossad intelligence agency. read more


The Yom Hatzma’ot Dilemma …

Beit El’s Rabbi: Independence Day – A Day for Expressing Joy

Independence Day Leaves Some in Religious Camp Bewildered


This author agrees that Eretz Yisrael, Mein ha Shemayim; that the Jewish State also (There is a quote somewhere that said basically that had a Jewish state been left to Chareidi Rabbonim, it would not have come into existence, Pikuach Nefesh — too dangerous).

But whichever regime is in power in recent years, , i.e. Barak, or Sharon or now Olmert. it has hijacked the Bracha and used it toward it’s own self- glorification seemingly proclaiming that it was them, Hashem out of the picture, who brought Medinat Yisrael into existence such that this author can’t and, presumably many more of us, cannot be seen as using this day as a sign of re-allegiance with an evil regime who equates itself with Divine formation of Medinat Yisrael. For that reason, this author cannot recite Hallel; cannot connect, nor can permit myself to be perceived as connecting the prevailing regime’s evil with the Kindness of Hashem. MB read more


Another Yom HaZicharon; Another Flub by Israeli Leaders …

Katsav on Memorial Day: Arab leaders Must Fight Islamic Terror


Katsav, speaking at Mount Herzl, said leaders of the Arab and Muslim World Must Fight Islamic terrorism.

“Is it possible that the Muslim world continue to hold its tongue while murders act in the name of the Koran, in the name of Islam – butchers, murders, crushers of skulls – and not one of you opens his mouth?” Katsav said.

“Today we will expel all quarrels and disputes from our midst,” Olmert said in his address. read more


Monday Night, Tuesday War News

Islamic Jihad: Daily Kassams Attacks; Goal to Hit Power Plant


In a progress report released by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, the group claims it fired 56 Kassam rockets at Israeli communities during the month of April.

The group said its goal was to hit Ashkelon, an Israeli city north of Gaza, and strike a large power plant located south of the city on the outskirts of the Gaza district. One half of last month’s Kassam firings were directed at those targets. read more


Are Concessions in a Side Letter to Shas Sufficient to Insure Against Possible Olmert, Kadima Shenanigans, Deceptions, and Betrayals?

Appearance of Shas Kashrut for More Expulsions?

Shas Wins Coalition Exemption on Pullout Guidelines


Interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s intentions to lead a government that would implement a further pullback from settlements and find a solution for civil marriages seemed a lot less plausible Sunday night. Kadima and Shas initialed a separate agreement detailing Shas’s objections to the coalition guidelines signed last week between Kadima and Labor.

The agreement enabled Shas to finalize its participation in the coalition. read more


What Kind of Personal Business Interests Could Benefit Bassi Successor In Taking Over Corrupt, Insensitive SELA?

Shmuel Abuav to Take Over at Disengagement Administration [SELA]


Housing Ministry director general Shmuel Abuav is set to replace Jonathan Bassi as head of the Disengagement Administration (SELA). The appointment is not scheduled to go into effect before the end of this month.

The proposed appointment enjoys the support of the Prime Minister’s Office. However, a well-placed source noted that Interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was waiting to see whether Abuav would be offered a different position by Isaac Herzog, the designated tourism minister with whom he has close ties. read more