Coalition Talks Down to Wire: Kadima Still Lacks Shas, UTJ, Yisrael Beitenu Signatures on Dotted Line …

The picture is muddled, but it seems obvious that Kadima is short of a governing majority at this point! MB

Kadima Tries to Avert Shas Crisis


A crisis appeared to be looming in the coalition talks between Kadima and Shas, despite the fact that a deal between the two parties was wrapped up before the weekend.

The main obstacle to the Shas-Kadima deal arose on Friday when Shas’s leaders received copies of the coalition guidelines that had been agreed upon between Kadima and Labor. Shas has two significant objections to the guidelines. One of the principal clauses includes the sentence, “Israel’s territory, whose border will be decided by the government, will necessitate a reduction of the areas of Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria.” read more


Motsei Shabbos and Sunday War News …


A Must Read: Shas and Abandonment of ALL Principles for the Political Buck …

Shas Close to Joining Withdrawal Government


The Shas Party, a Sephardic hareidi party that opposed the Disengagement and maintains that it opposes another unilateral withdrawal, appears to be on the verge of signing a coalition agreement.

It has been reported that Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, known to be against unilateral withdrawals, instructed Yishai to insist on receiving four ministerial portfolios, and not the three that have been offered.

Political analyst Yoav Yitzchak noted that the coalition guidelines do not specifically mention the convergence plan that Olmert has touted for some months. Yitzchak implies that Olmert has thus betrayed his voters. read more

Rebellion Against Peretz in Labor??

Amir Peretz Rallying Forces Ahead of Crucial Sunday Vote

Report: Labor Party Might Split in Two

Labor MKs May Rebel Against Peretz


Labor Knesset member Matan Vilnai Saturday labeled party chairman Amir Peretz a “megalomaniac,” and several party MKs may be planning to bolt the party, according to media reports.

An open rebellion may depend on Sunday’s party central committee meeting on whether to let Peretz choose the ministers or to let the committee choose them. Among those who favor giving the power to the committee is Ophir Paz, who said Saturday night he accepted Peretz’s offer to be Minister of Culture and Sport with responsibility for Jerusalem affairs. read more


Other News and Views About the Emerging Olmert Regime …

Startling Dahaf Post Election Poll Regarding The Making of Olmert’s Coalition;

Poll puzzle: Why Are 85% Satisfied How They Voted When 51% Not Pleased, Olmert 76% Wrong for Peretz to be DM?

When Leftist Meets Evacuees


Gaza evacuees still living in tent encampment meet Colonel (res.) Shaul Arieli, who represents in their eyes everything that caused their eviction; however, both parties agree PM Olmert’s convergence plan will be bad for Israel.


Shabbos War News …

Stabbing Attack Foiled South of J’lem


Three Palestinians nabbed at Beit Rachel checkpoint in possession of knives, ax; in their interrogation, three say they were sent to stab security guards in exchange for money.

Arab Terrorists Injure Truck Driver, Shoot at IDF

W. Bank: Bomb Explodes Next to Bus; No Wounded

IDF Shells Gaza After More Kassam Attacks

Pipe Bombs Near Jerusalem Detonated by Sappers

IDF Discovers Explosive Device North of Ramallah


Mood of Former Gush Katif Residents With Approach of Yom Ha’Atzmaut 5766 …

Holding On, by Rachel Saperstein


During Pesach, we heard the endless shelling of Israeli artillery into Gaza. We heard the voices of our people, out of work. We heard the sadness in the voices of our people, many struck down by stress-induced heart attacks and cancer.

Groups came to visit during Pesach. I speak to the people, but I am not pleasant. I cannot forget or forgive. The Jewish National Fund will be bringing a group here next week; I have warned them that I will not be pleasant. read more


But Ehud: No Governing Coalition Yet!

Kadima and Labor: Signed and Sealed

When it happens, an Olmert regime will be but one issue-oriented, like what the Sharon Government evolved into. And their assertion about Bush, US understanding — Totally bogus! MB


The agreement stipulates, among other things, that the government will move “to shape the permanent borders of the state as a Jewish state with a democratic majority” and promises that “the territory of the Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria” will be “reduced”. read more


A Piece of Good News on the Justice Front: Daniel Pinner Freed …

Daniel Pinner Released from Prison


Daniel Pinner, serving 2 years in prison for firing in self-defense at an Arab mob, was released from prison today. High Court Justice Edna Arbel ruled that his appeal is “likely to succeed.”

Following his sentencing earlier this month, Pinner’s lawyer Baruch Ben-Yosef, hired by the Honenu Civil Rights Organization, filed both an appeal and a request for “stay of execution.” Ben-Yosef explained to Arutz-7 that he was afraid that by the time the appeal might be heard, “Daniel’s prison sentence might be over already… It is not common, but a judge who feels that the appeal has a good chance of succeeding can order the person freed until the appeal is heard. read more


Israel’s Finest: The Thought Police Clamp Down National Religious Thought, Again …, But Look at Who the Justice System Lets Off …

Rav Yitzkak Shapira Arrested at Entrance to Ariel

Full Text;

Officials at the “Od Yoself Chai” yeshiva in Yitzhar said Rav Yitzhak Shapira was arrested at the entrance to Ariel early Friday morning, according to Yesha News.

Rav Shapira is on the Rabbinical Board of the yeshiva. The arrest apparently came in the wake of articles written by Shapira.

Yeshiva officials said they were deeply disturbed by the arrest which they claimed was carried out without a warrant as required by law.

AG: No Evidence to Charge PFLP Head With Ze’evi Killing read more