Olmert’s “Convergence” = Expulsion2: Too Massive, Too Costly and Olmert — He’s No Sharon …

Unilateralism an Empty Dream


Perhaps Olmert’s “Convergence” will go the way of Barak’s pre-campaign push to draft Chareidim. It’s two massive in scope and too economically costly. The American aid that Israel banked on with the Gaza expulsion never materialized as the US was stuck with a major refugee problem of it’s own from the massive Hurricane Katrina.

In order to satisfy Labor’s socieo-economic demands, there will be no additional funds available to defray both the massive military/police costs of executing such an expulsion and the costs of restitution to the residents of an expulsion of the scale and magnitude of 80,000 Jews.

And Ehud Olmert is NOT Arik Sharon! They may find the economic means to carry this thing out, but the Ehud Olmert that we know, the Ehud Olmert who ravaged the Nefesh b’Nefesh people right off of the plane, the Ehud Olmert of Amona will tick off and alienate. And when those loose cannons, the Terrell Owens’ of Kadima go off when they don’t get their plum Ministries and jobs — Olmert just won’t be able to bulldoze it, he’s too weak to make law in Knesset and to it happen.

But just as Ehud Barak betrayed an Anti-Torah mindset in promoting a Chareidi draft in order to get elected, so too does Ehud Olmert display his disdain for his Judaism with his “Convergence” — anything to hurt religion, Jewish Spirituality, Hashem’s eternal legacy of the land to the Jews, only the Jews; even at the cost giving Pa-Hamas yet another victory, emboldening them more and putting most of the citizens of Israel in dire peril from Kassams, Katyushas and more.

The whole proposition of “convergence” therefore would be laughable, except for unclothing of the “Emperor”; the unbridled anti-religious, anti-love of the land bias that it exposes. MB

And What’s the Pulse in Yesha?

Divided They Stand


From her second-story Tekoa balcony, Shani Simkovitz can see not only the past 30 years of development which has yielded hundreds of homes and a community of more than 1,500 people on these pine-tree-lined and shrub-covered hills. Gazing eastward, to the moonscaped mountains of the Judean desert, she sees a thriving future where her children should be building the next generation of Jewish settlements.