Feiglin Seems Out of Knesset Race; Another MY Faction Member to Run …

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Feiglin Set to Drop Out of Likud Race


“Moshe Feiglin is set to hold a press conference Sunday where he’s expected to announce he is dropping out of the Likud primaries race.”

“Feiglin associates told Ynet the decision was taken after senior Likud figures told them recent changes in the party’s charter were meant to remove criminals, rather than Feiglin, from the Likud.”

“His associates said Friday that the press conference is aimed at ‘finally closing this chapter and coming down to terms with all those who exploited his power in the past and have recently tried to harm him.‘”

“‘At present, Feiglin plans to announce his intention not to compete for the list for Knesset…We tend to believe in Bibi (newly-elected Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu) and understand that he has gone back on his word in order not to strengthen opposition against him,’ one associate said.

“The Likud Central Committee is set to meet Sunday to approve changes made to the party charter, so that members with criminal records and who have been sentenced to three months active prison terms would not be allowed to run as candidates in party primaries.”


This author sincerely hopes that Moshe is not being flim-flammed by the lying, deceitful Likud cheats. This author expects, demands clarity in what the proposed amendment to the Likud constitution will really say, namely specificity regarding the type of criminal, gangster activity which precludes running for office in Likud and a clear definition of what constitutes “moral turpitude” and a clear defition of the term “active prison term.

Further, this author is concerned with the perceptions of Moshe’s supporters if he indeed steps down from the Knesset race for slots on the list to be voted on by the Likud Central Committee, even though sources indicate that another member of Manhigut Yehudit will run for for Knesset in Moshe’s stead. Anxiously awaiting Moshe Feiglin’s news conference on Sunday. There will be more commentary afterwards. MB


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