Avi Dichter to Kadima: The Politician Praises Expulsion, Former Shin Bet Head Knows Better …

Weekly Commentary: Former Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter Squanders His Integrity for Shot at Being a Minister?


“Yes. Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter knew full well that one has to consider considerably more than a few months of ‘numbers’ in order to get an indication if the retreat policy is panning out.

But politician Avi Dichter apparently has more important things to concern himself with than the truth. Things like not offending the man who will decide Dichter’s placement in the Kadima list or what cabinet post Dichter will get if Kadima’s performance at the ballot box comes close to its performance in the recent polls.”

“What a shame that a man who devoted his life to Israel’s security should squander his integrity for a shot at a ministerial portfolio.”

Dichter Joins Kadima, Lauds Sharon


“On Tuesday, the former Shin Bet chief met with Sharon at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. This was their first meeting since Dichter returned from the United States.”

“‘I recognized the Kadima party as the leader in real change in Israeli politics. The leader of the Kadima party embodies in my opinion, and not only in my opinion, through his leadership, determination, and bravery, the necessary abilities to pull us out of the mess. All my life, I’ve been taught to enlist myself for the country during difficult times, and after I put these things together, I decided to join the Kadima list. With Kadima, we can strengthen the faith of the Israeli public, and shape a better future for the State of Israel and the Israeli people,’ he added.”

“Dichter, who is seen as a rising star in Kadima, is likely to capture a high spot on the party list and has been mentioned as a candidate for the post of defense minister or internal security minister.”

Disengagement Now — No Way to Peace


“Avi Dichter, outgoing head of Israeli intelligence, declared a few months ago, in front of the Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, that the evacuation of the northern Shomron (Samaria) would reproduce at Israel’s southern border the dilemma of constant mortar shelling that used to afflict the northern border. It required the intervention of Israeli ground forces to stop cross-border shelling from Lebanon.”