You heard it here first.

The Arabs will claim that Israel sabotaged Gaza. And the world, including the US, will buy this bogus claim.

Consider the words of Caroline Glick in her article last month, “Gaza’s Long Shadow.”

She wrote;

“In Gaza, now empty of all Jewish presence, the Palestinians lost no time in taking charge of events in their own special way. First came the firebombing of the synagogues. We were asked indignantly by such paragons of virtue as PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, “Well, what did you expect to happen?” As if it should go without saying that the Palestinians will exploit any opportunity to show us their contempt for all things Jewish.

After the firebombing came the looting of the destroyed Jewish communities. Then came the looting of the hothouses which had been bought for the Palestinians by wealthy Jews in the US who decided to buy them so that the Palestinians could reap what their expelled Israeli brethren had sown.

And once again, the whole world will come down on Israel while conveniently forgeting that the Arabs looted and torched all of the hothouse which Mort Zuckerman and friends graciously bought for them (the Arabs) for $14,000,000 so they could get “a leg up” economically upon receiving Gaza. And the world won’t recognize history, that G’d ordained that the land lay fallow when not in the hands of the Jews.