Israel’s Blindness to Consequences of “Disengagement”

The following News links pound in yet again the absurdity of ceding Jewish Land to avowed enemies who seek nothing less than our destruction; Wake Up Jews!!

Unidentified Men Open fire on Passing Cars in South

Shoulder Held Rocket Found Near Yatir

Firebomb Attack in the Ramallah District

Vehicle With Bullet Holes Arrives at Arad Police

Shooting Attacks Without Injuries

Pipe Bomb Thrown at Border Police Near J’lem

Americans Frown on Travel Restrictions Following Fatal Terror Attack

PA Has No Intention of Disarming Terror Groups

Indor: Israel’s New Toughness Will be Short-Lived

Peace Now: Stop Anger, Remove Outpost, Increase Cooperation with PA

Peace Now: Is, was and will always be totally agendized — the Effete self-haters in Israel’s caste society. They have used their power and scope of influence to distort and falsely revise history to mirror their blind hatred of Jewishness.