More on Billionaire Bernie Marcus

I recently wrote as piece on Billionaire Bernie Marcus for this blog.

A quick google search reveals more on Bernie Marcus than did the Jerusalem Post article previously cited.

It now seems that in addition to his substantial gift to the city of Atlanta toward the Georgia Aquarium, google reaveals more about Mr. Marcus’ Israel Philanthropy.

The Jewish Virtual Library bio on him shows how the Israel Democracy Institute “… accumulates information on legislation passed in other countries and advises the Israeli government whether or not to implement it.” With the level of self-interest and self-aggrandizement inherent in any government economic decision in Israel, I hope that the kindness of Mr. Marcus in establishing such an Institute and trying to impact on bringing good, intelligent decision making to Israel was/is not in vain. read more

In Succahs, but Still Homeless

Double Meaning of Sukkot For Expulsion Victims

The government of Israel is still deliberately foot-dragging and denying the Jewish refugee families (that they forcibly expelled at legalized gunpoint from Gush Katif and the Shomron) compensation and resettlement solutions. The government’s aim: to deliberately fight a war of attrition against the refugees in effort to force them to split up, to divide and conquer, thus destroying productive Torah communities. And many refugees are starting to draw parallels between their plight and the ongoing 20 plus year plight of Jonathan Pollard. read more

Important Archaeological News

Volunteers Search for Temple Relics Below Mt. Scopus

Remember all of the dumpsters full of dirt moved from the Temple Mount stables and dumped in the Kidron Valley? Ongoing proof that the Arabs attempted to eradicate all Jewish Connection with the The Temple Mount (Har HaBayit)?

New Archaeological Site Unveiled Near Western Wall

And do you remember the Riots and Terror of 1997 which the Arabs claimed was due to the completion of excavations the opening of the Tunnel?

Government Denials and the ‘Trial Balloons’ Game

Ghettoizing Gush Etzion

Winston sums up his article from the start in this way; “When you hear absolute, unqualified guarantees by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres or Defense Minister Sha’ul Mofaz about Jewish land not – I repeat, not – to be transferred to Arab Muslims, be assured that transferring it is exactly what they are planning. Their a priori denials are their ‘trial balloons’ to see how much opposition the denied action will provoke.” read more

Another Take on Refugee Families Rebuilding Process.

Humpty Dumpty

Here is another take on the refugees rebuilding process. Two problems that I have with the writer’s perspective; One problem I see is that, since the refugee families have been robbed at legal gunpoint by the government of Israel of their homes and possessions and have little hope of seeing any of the “compensation”, how are they able to move on? Rebuilding takes money and credit, all of which they have been stripped of by the Sharon regime.

The other problem with the “Humpty Dumpty” premise is, as seems indicated in The Dispersal Plan , that the secular government of Israel so fears “… such strong tribes, so strong they became known for providing the armed forces with the finest, most dedicated, most skilled soldiers, or that they would bring to the country much needed cash from their export industries. The potent Judea, Samaria and Gaza communities are not what Sharon and the secular Zionists had in mind.” read more