Likud Construction Freeze Lame Excuse #1: “10 Months Eventually Pass”: Benny Begin

Former Prime Minister Menecham Begin z’l never meant for Israeli governance to fall as it has in the years since he signed the Camp David accords with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, and particularly in the ensuing years since the disastrous Oslo era began. In fact, there are numerous citings in Torah, as well as in the contemporary history of OUR times of righteous Jews who were niftar (who passed away) pre-dating tragic down-turns in Jewish history. Menachem Begin’s passing in March, 1992 is one of a number of such contemporary citings as the Oslo Accords were signed, with great fanfare in Washington D.C. by then-prime minister Rabin and Shimon Peres as they both shook the blood-stained, cantaminated hand of arch-terrorist and serial murderer of Jews Yassir Arafat on 13 September 1993.  [...]  Click here to read more.